03 March 2009

Life thoughts

Watching The Bachelor finale yesterday, and the shocker that was his dramatic change of heart, I was reminded of one of my all time favorite books, "The Unbearable Lightness of Being", by Milan Kundera. In this novel, Tomas is agonizing over the decision to whether be with a girl he barely knows or not... Here is one of my favorite excerpts:

"He remained annoyed with himself until he realized that not knowing what he wanted was actually quite natural.
We can never know what to want, because, living only one life, we can neither compare it with our previous lives nor perfect it in our lives to come.
Was it better to be with Tereza or to remain alone?
There is no means of testing which decision is better, because there is no basis for comparison. We live everything as it comes , without warning, like an actor going on cold. And what can life be worth if the first rehearsal for life is life itself? That is why life is always like a sketch. No, "sketch" is not quite the word, because a sketch is an outline of something, the groundwork for a picture, whereas the sketch that is our life is a sketch for nothing, an outline with no picture.
Einmal ist keinmal, says Tomas to himself. What happens but once, says the German adage, might as well not have happened at all. If we have only one life to live, we might as well not have lived at all."

Last weekend I took my girls to see Slumdog Millionaire (even my ten year old...). One of the best movies I have ever seen... I wanted my daughters to see how truly priviledged they are... I hope the message got through, somehow! They, too, loved the movie and even asked me if they could buy it when it comes out. My 13 year old asked me if people really live like that.... There are those movies you leave at the movie theater, and then there are the ones, like this one, that you take home with you...

On a lighter note, I wanted to tell you about a great blog I have recently come across! O Mundo de Zaphia is a blog by Sofia, a fellow portuguese who posts about her hobby, creating miniature houses!!! Her work is breathtaking, see for yourself!! The blog is in portuguese but has an english translation feature.

Right now she is working on a miniature reproduction of a room featured on "Marie Antoinette", it is absolutely amazing!!!

Sofia and I have also been emailing each other about our struggles with weight loss... Have you noticed that I removed my weight loss ticker from the sidebar? That's because I am extremely frustrated!! As I told you before, my big comfort food was ice cream, I had to have a little bit every day, so with my decision to lose weight came the painful decision to exclude ice cream from my life. I have not had ice cream since January 1st. In addition I have been exercising more frequently. When I weighted myself after one month not only had I not lost weight, I had gained 3 pounds!!! I am sure I am doing a lot of things wrong, and I am slowly becoming aware and correcting them one by one, but I obviously have a looooooong way to go!! Thanks for listening!!!


  1. Hang in there for losing weight. If you started excercising, you may be building muscles, which weigh more than fat, so you may not see the scale move down as quickly as you like, but muscle is good. And the older we get, the longer it takes, so patience is key - it took me months before I saw significant progress, which is frustrating. Trust me, you just have to stick with it, and you'll see results...

  2. i was going to tell you the same thing as Zita about the weight loss...hang in's good that you are staying off the ice tastes good, but it's really not good for your arteries at all...those little houses are amazing...thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Hmmm, weight loss - my personal demon. I will say that the only way I have ever lost weight was to limit my calories very strictly (800 per day), and eliminate almost all carbs. This was done under a doctor's supervision. I have a slow thyroid, and for that and probably other reasons I don't know, this truly is the only way I can lose weight. Everybody is different. Not everyone can use the blanket "formula" and lose weight. Just be sure you are eating healthy and drinking plenty of fluids. And you know what? If you aren't obese, why can't 10 or 15 extra pounds be fine?

  4. Wow, that blog that you showed us is absolutely amazing. I am so happy that I have found you, and all of your talented blog buddies. I hope you don't mind me dropping in all the time now:) Good luck with the weight loss, it is hard. I am a big comfort eater, and icecream is my all time favorite too. I have been trying to wait 15 minutes when I get a craving. It has helped me a lot. I notice that after waiting 15 minutes I often don't feel like I NEED the food anymore. If I decide to go ahead and have it I enjoy it more because I feel like I earned it. I notice that for me it is almost like I am trying to stop smoking or something, it is just getting through those urges. It sounds like you are doing well with that though. I also have started setting goals with a friend. We just ran our first 5k and I am going to do a half marathon in a couple months. It is amazing how much my friends motivate me when I feel like giving up.

  5. Keep trying with your weight loss! It is so good that you are exercising! That is a wonderful accomplishment in itself. :)

    I love what you said about the bachelor... and what a great way to kindof look at it. After watching tonights episode I kindof feel a little bad for him. ;)

    LOVE The blog you shared!! xo Heather

  6. Obrigada pelas tuas palavras!
    Nos e-mails que trocámos, esqueci-me de fazer referência ao teu blog e aos objectos que coleccionas que me deixaram maravilhada.Acho que tenho alma de coleccionadora e custa-me imenso desfazer-me seja do que fôr por isso era impossível não ter adorado!
    Quanto à luta contra os quilos a mais, espero que seja ganha por nós.

    Muitos Bjs


  7. About a year ago, I decided I wanted look at ways to eat more healthily and I had noticed that I was having to work harder if I wanted to keep the weight I liked. I went on a RAW FOOD course in Glastonbury, Somerset. I learnt so much from that course. I have never been on a diet, I just wanted to eat better. You may want to look up info on Raw food. I subscribe to their magazine, it is full of useful information. Why I have taken to Raw foods is because it isn't some fad diet, it is all common sense really. I am not 100% raw (still like my cakes occasionally...) I about 50/50.. This alone has made a difference! I have felt much better since increasing my intake of raw foods AND DECREASING intake of sugar. Brisk walking is good too. Raw foods may not appeal to everyone but as I have benefitted greatly from it, I felt compelled to share it with you as you have mentioned weight & diet.If interested, let me know. I can email you some other links which might help you decide if it's something that might interest you. I know that sometimes time and circumstances can get in the way but remember
    Good luck and stay positive and you will succeed!
    Isabelle x

  8. Isabel,
    I know how frustrating loosing weight could be... You KNOW that! So, all my 'comfort' to you, my dear! Keep going, you'll be healthier in the end.
    I am hosting a giveaway, just to let you know.

  9. Kundera's book is amongst the favorites in my library.
    Zaphia's miniature world is breathtaking isn't it. She dreams these pieces and puts them in action. So creative and clever. Some of the materials and techniques she uses. Amazing!

  10. I can't wait to see Slumdog Millionaire.
    Hang in there in getting healthy.
    I love miniature houses.

  11. Wow, those miniatures are beautiful! She does amazing work!
    Also, don't give up on the weight loss. You can do it!

  12. Isabel I have soo been there and doin' that! Lol! My weight has far too many fluctuations!I know what I have to do...I just don't wanna. Do you drink green tea? Because I swear by it. Something about it makes me lose weight..Or maybe it's because I'm having green tea instead of a latte...Yep that could be it too! *winks* Are you doing the Portland show this weekend? I think I'm coming down for it. I'd love to see you and your booth if you are! Vanna

  13. Oh forgot to add that O Mundo de Zaphia was fantastic!! What a fabulous dreamy world!! Vanna

  14. i see you isabel, and i see a woman with awesome talent, awesome taste, and awesome inspiration....weight or no weight. i think we are the hardest on ourselves. i gave up the weight thing when i hit 40. i eat ice cream whenever i want. i drink coffee when i feel the need to binge. it helps me sometimes, but i mostly give into indulgences because i don't care anymore. good luck, but i think i speak for all bloggers when i say we love you just how you are! i had forgotten about the unbearable likeness of being...thanks for reminding me. i love this post! thanks for such an amazing blog, amazing stories and great inspiration.
    take care,

  15. Girl, I think if they sewed my lips together I'd still gain weight! Beautiful photos, but have I told you what pretty things you have? Debbie (OMG, my word verification is howeigh!)

  16. Isabel I look soooo foreward to seeing you!!! Don't sell everything before I get there! *winks* Vanna

  17. HI!!! So much to say....first of all I loved Slumdog too, wasn't it wonderful, I am so glad I saw it!! Now I must check out that blog you talked about...and as always I have forgotten what else I was going to say...DAH!!! Take care, Chrissy

  18. I worked for an alternative Dr for years and one tip we would give those trying to loose weight is to eat 1 tsp to 1 tbls of pure expeller pressed coconut oil- I know this sounds crazy but if you don't have the right kind of fats in your diet your body keeps trying to protect itself by adding fat to the body-

    Just a thought- Your precious and loveable at any weight just remember that!

    Another thing is Chia seed- right omega 3-6 balance and it swells in the tummy to help stave off that I'm hungry feeling.



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