10 March 2009

Slumber party!!

I have decided to join in the the fun and be a part of Phyllis' s slumber party!!! I never had a slumber party when I was growing up, so I can't wait to make up for lost time!! I will wear my very best robe and sleeping bonnet....

... I will bring my grandmother's doll to keep me company....

... then I will lay down in the gorgeous vintage french bed, and cuddle up with my favorite feather eiderdowns....

.... and read my beloved books until Mr. Sandman comes....

... and if I get hungry in the middle of the night I will sneak into the kitchen to "steal" a yummy coconut lime bar....

Thank you, Phyllis, for inviting us to your slumber party!!! I had so much fun and hope we can do this again soon...!!!


  1. Save me a coconut lime bar, I'll grab my blanket and be right over!

    I don't think I'd get much sleep because I'd want to look at every pretty thing in your house!

    Everything looks lovely!

  2. What a fabulous party, Isabel!! I especially love the eiderdowns and the coconuts bars (hehe...!)...
    Allyour antique/vintage things are sooo charming!
    Monica xo.

  3. Lovely lovely bedroom and your eiderdowns are so beautiful!

    I'll take a lime bar while we watch Gone With the Wind!

    Deanna :D

  4. Hi Isabel...

    Oooh...a slumber party...sounds like sooo much fun! It's been a few years since I've been to one...hehe!!!

    My friend, your bedroom is so beautiful...what a lovely way to end and start the day! Love that pretty sleeping robe and bonnet too! Charming!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    PS...have fun!!!

  5. OOOOOhh Isabel, what a beautiful robe and sleeping bonnet !!!! and those coconut lime bars !!! so tempting !!!
    I know those books very well, Les petites filles modèles et toutes les belles histoires de la Comtesse de Ségur, :-) C'est toute mon enfance :) It is all my childhood :) Have a great Slumber Party ! You are invited to mine :) x

  6. Coconut lime bars sounds so yummy. I love all your sweet vintage things...m..

  7. Wow!! Too may not be able to get anyone to leave! Ha!Ha!

    It all looks wonderful!

    Peace and Love~

  8. Isabel!!! Hello and thank you!
    Love your post...the coconut lime bars YUM...the eiderdowns (I've never had one or a slumber party either...) And that room...well I haven't left from the last visit ;)

  9. Oh My!! l love the robe and sleeping bonnet.


  10. Oh fun!! Those eiderdowns are gorgeous!

  11. (matt) was me! I didn't realize that my son was signed in here. LOL I wonder how many posts I commented on with my big burly son's name.

  12. did someone say "coconut"!!!.......I love coconut anything!!!.....that sleeping hat is just too sweet!!!

  13. NOW...that's my kind of party!!!

  14. Now that looks like a great time! Your blog is really an inspiration for me. I have followed it awhile even before I had a blog. I love reading you daily. Those lemon coconut bars look divine.

  15. OMG!! Girl I'm drooling all over myself!! It's not a pretty sight! Lol! OH it's all sooo painfully fabulous!!!I MUST come to this slumber party!! I can't get enough of your collections! And that bed ohhh la la!! It's gawgeous!! More please!! *drip drool* Vanna

  16. Oh have the bestest time at your slumber party!! That bedroom is to die for- I could look at that picture forever and not get tired of it!!
    May I ask what makes the difference between a quilt and eiderdowns? I have heard this term before but am not sure what it is exactly


  17. What a charming post for it brings back many a slumber party of my childhood. Thank you for that dear Isabel!


  18. Your eiderdowns are FABULOUS! And that French bedroom suite is beautiful! I think the sound of lime and coconut together is yummy!

  19. Hi Isabel,
    I think I used to read about you when I visited Lisa a long time ago! You gals sure have ALOT of fun! I'm SO envious! You seem to find the most AMAZING things*
    Your way of decorating BLOWS me away and I'm now loving shabby chic so I MUST bookmark you. Sure wish you'd rub off on me and I'd learn how to put everything together "like you do!"

    That night cap.... is soooo cute! I'd never heard of "eiderdown" before!
    I look forward to visiting you more often and hopefully, I'll learn how to put something together for the rooms I desperately want to change.
    Nice meeting you!
    Tell Lisa Hi- She might remember me... I started my blog called Vintage Virtues, but changed it to Shabby Olde Potting Shed.

  20. I love your room, soooo pretty, those eiderdowns, flowers everywhere, your grandma's doll and that lovely lacy cap! And coconut lime bars!! It's all too, too, fabulous. !!!

  21. Eiderdowns are soft quilts usually filled with soft feathers (originally the breast feathers of the eider duck). In Portugal we call them edredons (deviation from the original word). Normal quilts have a cotton, polyester or wool batting. There truly is nothing like cozying up with a soft eiderdown!!!

  22. Sounds like a wonderful time, having a sleep over in another era!
    I am glad you had a great time!

    How fun slumber parites are.


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