09 March 2009

Portland Antiques Expo - part II

Our feet are sore, our bodies are tired, but our spirits are high...!! We had a succesful sale this weekend at Portland Expo and had a blast visiting with old and new friends!! Over 1,000 vendors made this one of the go-to shows in the PNW... The next big one will be July 11 and 12, and this is where we are outdoors, which gives it a true flea market feel!!

My booth neighbor was my sweet friend Joy... Someone was walking around with this sign and suggested Joy have shirts screen printed with "SURGE" (or maybe even "milker"..??!!)!

Next to Joy were our friends Maryann and her daughter Shannon. Shannon always spoils us with yummy lunches, and we have decided we will not do any more shows unless she is going to be there....

Susan's booth is always a treat to the senses (couldn't get her in a picture, she is camera shy...)

Randy has one of my favorite booths and he is the sweetest guy ever!!!! He owns an incredible store in Sellwood called Madison Park, and also has a space at Monticello. You can see him in a white cap on the second picture....

The twins Diana and Donna always impress me with their incredible display talent, and I absolutely looooooove their treasures, and the fact that they have something for every budget!!! They, too, have a space at Monticello, and I am proud to say they have just started their own blog called Annie, Fannie and Abigail Antique Studio!!!! Please send them some blog love, they are very new to the whole blogging thing and need a lot of encouragement!!!!

(yes, I drooled over their boudoir dolls.....)

Vicky was their helper for the weekend (here she is smelling the money!!). You may know Vicky from the latest "Where Women Create" publication, where she and her friend Beth share their bohemian chic collections under the name Gossamer Designs.

Our friends Christa and Julie from Kindred Roses had a super cute space, but they were gone by the time I snapped this picture....

One of the highlights of my weekend was to meet one of my blogging idols, Vanna, from Delusions of Grandeur!!! When I visit her blog, my heart piter paters over her most beautiful antiques, and drool always happens!!!!! It was so much fun to get to know her, she is such a delightful person and I truly hope we can see each other again soon!!!

I was also truly delighted to meet Michelle, from Chocolate and Marmalade Tea, Karoline, from Cherished Vintage, and Laurie (and her friend Debbie) from A View from the Coop!!! Turns out Laurie is a quilter like me!! How great is the blogging world, that brings us all together!!!! I will be back soon to show you the beautiful treasures I found this weekend!! Have a great week!


  1. Thanks very much for that lovely tour.

  2. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH.You met my Vanna and Debbie.I just sent Vanna an e-mail about this .I hadn't scrolled down enough yet.,there you are,bot of you...Ann

  3. Gosh! I can look at these pictures forever! I hope you didn't buy more than you sold `o) I know I probably would...that place looks dangerous! hahahah

  4. Beautiful tour!!! Love each and every photograph!
    Monica x.

  5. I have just spent absolutely ages admiring the photos and looking all the various items up for sale. I have seen many things that I would have bought had I been there. It must have been a fun day.
    Isabelle x

  6. Oh Isabel, I had so much fun meeting you and Joy! I just love my new rose painting - thanks for taking it out of your collection. I'll cherish it always. My mom and I went to Monticello's on Sunday, and loved yours and Lisa's space - I can't wait to go back!

  7. Oh I don't think I've ever seen so many antiques in one place! Almost makes me want to drive to Oregon next year! You have a beautiful blog and I've enjoyed looking around here!
    I am so happy you got to meet Vanna! I just love her and am happy for you both that you got to meet each other...and around all those antiques too! :-) Laura

  8. Hello Isabel...

    This is my very first time to visit your very nice to meet you!!! Vanna is a friend of mine...she gave a link to your blog and I just had to come for a visit!!! Girl, it looks like all of you Pacific north-west gals just had a blast!!! I'm so envious...that you got to meet, not to mention all the shopping at that fabulous Antique fair! Ohhh my, I enlarged every photo to just get a closer peek at all of the pretties...hehe!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful day with us!
    Warmest wishes,

  9. Hello!

    I came over from Vanna's!! :-) REASON?? I love old things.. and I love the fact that you're from Portland... my great-grandparents used to live there.. before they move to Norway!! So I think I will have to get to know you.. what if I suddenly appear in Portland?? haha...

    Hugs, Monica (Norway)

  10. What a feast for the senses! I wish I had been there, although my bank manager is probably grateful that I wasn't!

    It all looks so beautifully displayed and tempting, such a fun thing to do...thanks so much for the virtual tour!

  11. So many treasures, Isabel! sigh...if only I lived closer. Sounds like you gals had GREAT FUN! Thanks for the tour.

  12. Looks like a wonderful show!! Can't wait to see what treasure you took home with you!!

  13. Hi Isabel! What a great time it must have been! Such lovely things...I had to wipe the drool off the keyboard...Maybe Tiffany and I will come down for the July Expo! It would be fun to see you again.

  14. what a wonderful collection of "moments" you have posted! looks like a place to meet with friends as well as beautiful treasures :)

  15. Isabel I had such a blast meeting you! I was kinda overcome kwim? Sooo much drooling and chatting to do, so little time lol! And I loved meeting Michelle and all your friends! That Randy is my new favorite too *winks* And it's a good thing the twins had already sold those boudoir dolls, because I would have had to break my budget for one of em! Man if only my money tree grew more money!! I could have had me a BIG shopping day! Lol! I put my sweet mirrored tray that I got from you in my shabby bedroom. It looks right at home! I will for SURE be coming back for the July sale! But I hope I don't have to wait that long to see you again!*winks* Love Vanna

  16. Oh and I'm waving hi to Joy too! That gal is a hoot!! Vanna

  17. SO glad to hear you sold well...very encouraging for the rest of us...if you don't mind me asking: what was your best seller if you could "sum up"
    Great pictures and so wish I could have shopped there!!

  18. Oh I hate that I was out of town and had to miss this. July I will be there.

  19. Lovely pics of the fair. Can't wait to see what treasures you found.


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