06 May 2009

Giving old things a new life!

A while ago I found a few pieces of furniture at an estate sale. One of the pieces was a chest of drawers with two drawers missing... I figured I could turn it into a cute end table!

I asked my husband to remove the wooden pieces that were holding the bottom drawers, added a wood applique and a few coats of paint, and the transformation is quite amazing!! I made a little skirt out of tea-dyed cheesecloth (not the easiest material to work with!), and am loving the soft look! All it needs is a little distressing and aging and it is ready for Farm Chicks!!

I have also finished two more feed sack pillows with feather inserts, just like the one I made here....

Last weekend I found this adorable rocking footstool at the flea market...

I decided to transform it by covering it with a piece of cream fabric that reads "feet"!! For that, I printed the word the size I wanted it, then used my lightbox to copy onto the fabric by using a black fabric pen. If you don't have a lightbox, you can use an upside down Pyrex with a light under... After stapling the fabric, I painted and distressed the wood base, and I am loving the result!

Now, here is my dilemma... Should I add pom-poms or should I keep it simple...?? What do you think?

Finally, I wanted to share a few of my latest finds... The fabric covered box is super cute, and I love the vintage rose wallpaper! Under it is an adorable doll quilt...

Love the mirror, it will be added to my downstairs bathroom wall...!!

But my favorite find is this darling chippy wood terrarium, how cute is it??!! I'm not sure what to put inside, yet... Waiting for inspiration!!


  1. Everything is beautiful. I am a more is more girl so I would go with the pom pom fringe on the foot stool.

  2. so beautiful things. i like every thing
    greetings from germany

  3. Lovely things - even though I am not a 'more is more' person (I think) I agree - go with the pom poms!

    I really like the way you have given 'useless' things a new life.

  4. I love everything you make-What a talented girl you are! The footstool is soooo cute, but the poms will make it very girly & I think most will want without :o)
    So lightbox & fabric pens should be on my shoppinglist........
    Hugs, Sylvi

  5. I say pom-poms, unless you have a kitten. :)

  6. Love the footstool and the changing table. What a great idea!

  7. pom poms for sure! Your redo for the end table is fabulous!! Oh, and that old wallpaper is to die for.

  8. Cute things! I found a little chippy gray/blue dresser today that's missing drawers and I'm planning on doing the same thing you did! I like the pom-poms on the little footstool.... Maggie

  9. What a talent! I can't believe the transformation of the pieces...especially that little foot stool and the hutch. Now the terrarium I would fight you for!

  10. My fav is your transformation of the footstool. Love it! I can't decide. Maybe with the pom-poms. Either way, I'd like it a lot. The dresser is great! ~Mindy

  11. Isabel~ I love, love, LOVE the dresser/ turned end table! You truly are so very clever! I am definitely a more is more girl, so my vote is; Go pom poms"!


  12. Great makeover on that footstool! I like the simple look, but do what makes you happy!

  13. Great transformations, Isabel. As for the footstool, my vote is to keep it simple, because it does have lovely lines.

  14. PomPoms!!! What amazing transformations. See, I would have totally passed on the chest with no imagination on my part. I'm one of those you have to draw a picture for.
    I am going to go and get a lightbox though. I think I could handle's words,right? And I like words!
    Everything is just beautiful.

  15. POM POMs for sure on the stool! My favorite find is the little glass house too! A little fairy garden would be so sweet inside!


  16. Love the little table with the cheesecloth curtain.
    Know what you mean about cheesecloth. hard to work with.

    barbara jean

  17. Gosh I am loving everything your showing here..I vote for the pompoms...cus I just love pompoms..I have to ask what is a lightbox??? I'm not understanding the upside down pyrex thing...I would love to be able to write on fabric instead of stenciling...It really looks great! will it work on heavier linen fabric???

  18. I would go for the pom poms! Its adorable!

  19. oh, I say pom poms for sure!! love what you have done, I guess I better bring my truck to farm chicks!
    xoxo Tiffany

  20. You are very clever - your finds and subsequent restorations look wonderful. I love the 'feet' stool with or without pom poms, xv.

  21. Oh my gosh, I love the "feet" stool! I think it would look wonderful with the pompoms. Fabulous makeovers!

    Have a great evening,


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