14 May 2009

Needlepoint love

I've been having way too much fun, lately.... One can tell just by looking around the house!! My bedroom is a mess, the bathrooms need some deep cleaning, the kitchen island has suddenly vanished under so much clutter, the laundry is dangerously piled up, I see kids shoes everywhere....!! So, I made it my mission to not have any fun junking or crafting this week and tackle the messy home!!! Progress has been slow (yes, unless I have a deadline, I procrastinate!!!) but steady, I seem to get distracted easily and suddenly find myself sewing (..."but I just needed to finish this..."!!) or eating, or BLOG HOPPING!!!

Because I'm pretty sure you do not want to see the dangerously high pile of clothes or the invisible kitchen counter, I thought I would show you some of my favorite needlepoint pieces!!! My paternal grandmother taught me how to needlepoint and cross stitch when I was little, and I have always loved it!! I have a x-stitch project (a reproduction of an old sampler) that was started about ten years ago and has been idle ever since, waiting to be picked up again (one day, I hope!). I love how needlepoint warms up my home, because I know it was made with patience and love!!

This needlepoint is very special to me as it was one of the few pieces I inherited from my grandmother when she passed away... It means the world that she chose me to continue loving this labor of love!!


  1. WOW you do have alot off needlepoint. it is lovely... I especially love the purses

  2. Beautiful needlepoint. Good luck with the cleaning.

  3. I have always wanted to learn to do needlepoint, but I don't know anyone who can show me, I'd have to learn out of a book. You sure have a lot of work in your home, they are beautiful.

  4. Thank you - those are wonderful. I have a vintage piano stool cover which just needs a few repairs before I put it on our very dull stool - you've inspired me to go out and find the right kind of wool and get it done! Thanks.

  5. Oh those neddlepoint pillows with the fringe are so groovy! All is gorgeous but I suppose that those are my favorites.
    Happy Twirls

  6. Your needlepoint is so beautifully displayed~ someone who loves needlepoint as much as me! thanks...

  7. Those little purses hanging on the wall are adorable, I love them! Thank you for sharing your collection!

  8. Such divine needlework, I'll come and clean and you can do sit and do needlework!!! I am in awe of needle women!! I wish I could finish something, anything, and have a clean house!! I think house work is highly overrated anyway!!!! Have fun!!
    Margaret B

  9. I so appreciate your complete honesty and transparency. I too have procrastinated on cleaning the house thing. Nice to know I am in good company. Sweet needlepoint collection. Lori

  10. these are beautiful! my own maternal grandmother was an artist with a needle and thread. she tended toward the practical first such as upholstery, braiding rugs for the entire house, clothes, quilts.....then if there was time after all the chores were complete she might indulge in creating something simply because it is going to be beautiful. i;m sure i am right in speaking for everyone who comes here to visit you: it is so appreciated that you give up laundry for a little blogging :)

  11. Gorgeous pics, gorgeous work! Wonderful heirlooms for you and your family. I know, I really PLAN to clean up more...



  12. I love these.
    That black pillow in the first pic is my very fave.

    Did you make the purses??

    barbara jean

  13. I love needlepoint, and love embroidering cushions, mainly with roses. In my country the climate is very hot, then I embroider with cotton wires. Edge with one technique also differentiated.
    Look my blog and store

  14. oh wow they are all so pretty ! I do also needlepoint!

    I am curous to your next post ! Have a nice weekend

  15. Like you, I love any needle point. I have enough hand embroidered linens to open a museum. I still carry around with me a tablecloth, that was never finished, which was started by my "labores manuais" teacher at Liceu forty two years ago. Each time that our progress had to be reviewed by her in class, she would say "I chose these colors (red & green) so that you never forget your "Patria" and the colors of your flag.
    I left Portugal during Easter break, a departure date that came as a surprise, since I did not have a chance to return to school to say farewell to my friends. The tablecloth was the only "personal" thing that I carried with me. Whenever I come across it, the words of my teacher echo in my memory.

    Never forget your Patria and the color of your flag!

    By the way, a clean house is a sign of a sick mind! By the looks of mine, I am terribly healthy!

  16. I love needlepoint and my mom as also made me the most beautiful Arraiolos carpets...if only I had the patience to do it.
    Your pieces are beautiful!


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