10 May 2009

A Mother's Day treat ~ Palmiers

Growing up in Europe, there was nothing better for this little sweet tooth than going to a pastry shop and buying my favorite pastry, Palmier!! So, I was thrilled when I saw this recipe in a cookbook from one of my favorite celebrity chefs, the Barefoot Contessa...! I love how easy they are and a batch at my house rarely lasts more than a few hours!!

All you need is a package of previously thawed puff pastry and sugar (lots of it, you will need about 1 1/2 to 2 cups!)... Pre-heat the oven at 450 degrees F (230 centigrade). Cover your surface with a generous amount of sugar. Place one of the sheets on top of the sugar, and use more sugar to coat the pastry sheet evenly (we are not talking sprinkling, here...). At this point I use my rolling pin to make sure the sugar sticks well to the dough on both sides.

Fold each of the sides a quarter way in...

... then in again so the folds meet in the middle. Lastly, fold one set of layers on top of the other, as if you were closing a book!

Cut slices approx. 3/8" thick and place them on a cookie sheet that has been lined with parchment paper, leaving a good 2 to 3 inches between cookies.

Cook until edges are golden brown (they cook in about 5-7 minutes, so keep a close eye!). The original recipe calls for flipping the cookies halfway through, I found there is really no need for it!! A lot easier, yeah!!!

Repeat for the second pastry sheet. I usually have two cookie sheets going so I can work on one while the other cooks. I hope you will give it a try, I will tell you they are truly delicious and you will be thanked for it!!! Have a wonderful Mother's Day!!!


  1. Can't wait to make these. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Those treats looked great. Hope you had a great day!

  3. Wonderful recipe! I will have to try it sometime. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  4. Yum! When we first arrived in France we tended to buy these on market stalls, but since then, churros seem to be the big thing. Globalisation, I suppose...

  5. What a great and easy recipe for Palmiers. How I miss the ones in Lisbon...sigh...I will definitely give these a try with my daughter.
    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  6. Isabel,
    You never should have shared this. I thought you were a magician/baker and these are the most impressive cookies I have ever seen/eatten! I cannot believe they are that simple!!! You never should have told me, now I will have them and bake them for friends and they will think I am the most amazing baker they have ever seen!!

  7. Yummo! I am going to try these and maybe serve them at an upcoming shower if mine turn out as well as yours.

  8. oh they look like lil hearts...and yummy tooooooo!

    Heart Hugs,

  9. Palmiers are my favorite! I suddenly have a craving - yum yum

  10. Am drolling while reading the recipe. Ahhh... my sweet craving is killing me §:-))

    Wonderful blog...

  11. If I had known this was going on at your house, I would have stopped by for dessert after dinner at the Andersons! I have never tasted anything like them!

  12. I'm going to try these - easy and yummy! Can't beat that combination. Have a great week. Sally

  13. Thank you for the reminder~I have not made these in years! I could taste them as I read through your blog so now I will have to go to the supermarket on the way home from the school run and get myself some puff pastry!
    Crisp and sweet! Yummmmmmm!
    Irene x

  14. WOW! How easy is that? I love those little cookies but didn't know what they were called.
    Well I love all cookies, don't think I have ever met a cookie I didn't like.
    Thank you

  15. We make these all the time and they are an absolute hit!! Quick & easy...I roll them in cinnamon and sugar for a little different taste.

  16. They look so delicious! I can't believe how easy that recipe is, does this mean I have to make my own now???

    Have a happy day,

  17. Thanks for making it look so easy. I definitely will try Palmiers. I wonder if a little cinnamon would be good along with the sugar?

  18. I had no idea that they were this easy to make! I just always buy the cookies in a box since I'm in France! They will be ten zillion times better when I make them fresh like this!

  19. I allways put sugar and cinnamon in the ones I make.

  20. These were so amazing! We ate them all the way to Fremont:-)


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