18 May 2009

Sunshine on our shoulders

What a lovely day we had yesterday!!! We took the gang (and a few extra friends) on a nature walk, and had a great time!! The kids really enjoyed themselves and I was so happy we got to spend some time together laughing and enjoying our beautiful nature...

It was a wonderful way to replenish our energy and bring a smile to our day!!

I did sneak out this weekend to look for garage sales and found a few goodies... I also found some lovely treasures at Monticello today, as I headed there to fluff up my space.

How cool is this old chippy pink annunciator?

Couldn't resist this adorable fabric covered little chest of drawers!

Love this super cute table!!! Pink legs and a perfectly chippy top!!!

... Yes... I have a thing for vintage, well-loved doll strollers!!! And this one had an irresistible price...!!!

I found a few other items, including a cool vintage bed with a curved footboard!! I will show you a before and after soon!!


  1. Oh, my, I'm in LOVE with those blue flower wall hooks!!!

  2. That second photo says it all...Glorious!

  3. Looked like a great day for a nature walk.

    The chippy pink paint on both the table and the annuciator are perfect.


  4. What a lovely nature walk.

    You scored some beautiful treasures, Isabel!

    Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!!!

  5. I love your nature photos it always feels good to get out in nature, feeling the warmth of the sun on your self. You did good finding your treasures too.

  6. The weather was beautiful here in the Northwest last weekend. Your hike looked like a lot of fun.You also found some great treasures while out perusing the garage sales, lucky you!

  7. There's nothing like a little sunshine to make everything great~ Love, love, love that table!

  8. I love to go on nature walks, you see things from the kids eyes,I love your treasures also! Have a great week Kathy

  9. These are wonderful
    love the pink table, and the buggy.

    Barbara Jean

  10. We go on a nature weekend adventure every year during the Memorial weekend. The kids love to explore the woods, walk in nature, swim in the lake, ride Atv's, and eat marshmellows by the fire. No computers, no games, just board games and a ride back home smelling of smoke and firewood :)
    Great quality time, indeed!

  11. I love your site and your creativity. I am adding it to my blog and clicking your "Follow" button. Please visit and if you like what you see after browsing a while, please be sure to click My "Follow" button and also add me to your blog for continual updates and inspiration!


I so enjoy and appreciate your comments!! Thank you so much for stopping by!!!

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