27 July 2009

An exciting find!

No, this time it is not a cool vintage find (even though I do have some to share with you soon...)! I found this swedish website, BEMZ, that will custom make slipcovers for some of the most popular IKEA sofas in an enormous amount of fabric choices!! I am sure many of you have (or maybe have been pondering...) the EKTORP sofa with slipcovers, I have both the 3-seat sofa and the loveseat, and they have been a true blessing for this busy household!! The pillows get dirty, the covers get thrown in the wash! We are on our second set of covers in the last 7 years, and soon I would definitely welcome a new set!

I would love to be the adventurous kind and go for this one....

... or maybe even this one...

... But I think I am going to be a little bit more conservative and go for a more neutral choice! I asked for 5 free fabric swatches and got them in less than a week! I love them all, but am leaning towards the Unbleached Linen Belgian Linen Blend (the top one)... What do you think?


  1. Love it! Are the prices for the slipcovers comparable to Ikea's? You can almost buy new one instead of washing the old one for what they cost!!!

  2. Wow thanks for the info. I have been toying with the idea for some time and the slipcovers offered were my hold up. We are to dirty for white and the other colors just dont do much for me. Cant wait to check the website. Kathy

  3. They have some stunning fabrics and are mentioned in our French IKEA magazine - such a good idea! I like the striped linen myself.

  4. Isabel, the fabric you chose is perfect! I'd love to have a set of slipcovers in that exact fabric too!

  5. The first fabrick is Marimekko, very famous design=) Its from Finland=)

  6. Unikko = poppy design from 1964 by Maija Isola for Marimekko.
    The poppies can literally be found on anything from mugs to fabrics here.
    I still prefere my quilts made from toile...

    Best Wishes from a Long Time Lurker.
    ( can´t believe I actually found Mimmuli here! )

  7. Very pretty. I've heard of this site from Scandinavian friens. I think the third swatch is very nice too... well, all of them actually. Whatever choice you pick will be beautiful!

  8. I would have to see where it is going to go first

  9. I really like the taupe colored one, it may be the darker linen. Any will be wonderful.
    I am going to whine and say I want an IKEA sofa.Those are the best looking sofas.(not available here) I know your's will look great what ever you choose.

    Janice In Missouri

  10. My hubby usually makes me remain conservative when decorating but......this time he let me put red into our office. Very bold :) Like that couch


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