08 July 2009

Portland Expo and a Lisbon repost

I hope I will see you at Portland Expo this weekend!! I will be outside in booths 147 and 148 and have been gathering some great treasures...!!! Friday July 10 is early buying and the show is Saturday and Sunday, July 11 and 12. Please stop by to say hello!!

In the meantime, I leave you with some eye candy... I posted pictures of my mom's home a year ago, when I was in Lisbon on vacation. I thought I would publish that post again (first published June 16, 2008)!!! I will be back with pictures from Expo!

A post from Lisbon

We have made it safely to Lisbon, and are staying at my mom´s warm and beautiful home! It has been a whirlwind of visiting with family, shopping, and eating, of course!! I wanted to share some gorgeous pictures of my mom´s home, she has a great decorating sense and loves romantic things like me. The first picture shows my favorite room in the house, the sun room.

My mom´s room is so romantic, mostly whites, a beautiful venetian mirror and lots of cherubs and candelabras, combined with pretty silver accents. A huge collection of Limoges boxes (not shown) covers shallow built-in shelves on the walls. Notice that my mom loves symetry... She buys most everything in pairs!

This is the prettiest linen closet I have ever seen!

We have been priviledged to have some great delicacies to eat, my children surround a plate full of snails, and the blue bowl contains one of my favorite things to eat in the world (together with roasted chestnuts), TREMOCOS - I believe they are called lupini beans in the US. Yumm!!

Finally, I leave you with a picture of some flea market finds. The day after we arrived, my mom and I went to a small local street antiques fair and I found some french books, a darling porcelain lamp, some old skeleton keys, a little hand painted limoges box and an old children´s book about portuguese history. Wednesday we will leave for London, and stay for four days. We lived there when my husband was a Marine Detachment Commander with the American Embassy in 1997 and 1998, so the older girls do not remember much... It will be fun to revisit! I will try to post some pictures next week. I am hoping to combine our touristy visits with a trip to Portobello Road and maybe a Cath Kidston store. I am also wanting to get some pretty floral fabrics from Liberty of London- See you then!!


  1. AHHH! What a lovely place< I would love to sit poolside and enjoy the beauty that surrounds. Good luck at the sale, although I have a feeling you won't need it ;)


  2. GORGEOUS home...I love it! I wanna go visit your Mom:)

    Great luck with the sale, wish I could be there to do some shopping.


  3. How lucky you are to get to go and stay in Lisbon what a beautiful home your mom has. Good Luck at Expo.

  4. Wow! What fun! I so wish I was in the NW and could go to the expo!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  5. Isabelle, have fun at the portland expo... you have such beautiful things, I am sure you will do SO well!

    Your Mom's home is simply amazing!

    xo Heather

  6. Your Mom's house is just amazing!!! I especially love her room...That vanity is tdf!!!
    I love all your new treasures..I would so love to shop with you...I just love it all...I keep scrolling through your pictures...I'm picking my jaw up now(hehe)....

  7. I am still in love with the dressing table, but oh mylanta...that linen closet! No wonder you love beautiful things and have such an eye for finding them. You were surrounded by it growing up!

  8. enjoy your vacation. what a beautiful home....
    i remember growing up with a very close childhood friend whose mother was from portugal and father from italy. the family ate food that was insanely delicious!!! i still remember lots of beans, homemade pastas, and sauces of all kinds. yum!!
    have fun w/your family....
    good thoughts to you

  9. ow I see where you get your talent for decor! Your mother's home is lovely! I love the vanity especially! Can't make the expo, but I'll see you at the flea!
    xoxo, Tiffany

  10. Isabel, your mom's home is seriously gorgeous! Wowzers! Can't wait for your show and tell of what you're bringing to the show.

  11. I remember your post about Lisbon and your mom's extraordinary place. And as I read about our Lisbon today...sigh...I miss my daughter and our country even more, now that she is there since yesterday on a two month long vacation...sigh...

  12. I love drooling over your blog, and your mom's home is wonderful. I'll bet it's fun to visit! I was sitting here working on my Etsy shop and listening to the radio and it just advertised the show and here I was dreaming, "I'd love to go to that!". I need to do some serious talking with my husband tonite lol! Have a great time! Karen

  13. I just moved to Eugene from Tennessee and i just found your blog! I would love to someday visit your booth when I'm well enough for long hours of shopping, your items look great from your photos :)

  14. I see that good taste runs in the family. Your mother has a very lovely home with very nice treasures. What a great pool, I know my sister would die to have something like that in her yard. It has always been a dream of hers to have one. I'm sure her dream will come true shortly now that she has her new home with a large yard.

    Take Care-


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