17 July 2009

Heading to Barn House!!

I'm getting the trailer packed and I am heading to the country!! Tomorrow is the Barn House flea market, and I can't wait!!! If you are in the area, please try and come, you will not be disappointed!!! I have to go, but wanted to leave you with sneak peeks of some of the things I have been working on... I'll be back with lots of show pictures!!!


  1. Hi Isabel
    I am so happy to have met you. I loved the outside booths so much at the Expo show.I HAD to go to the coast with my daughter & son-in-law Saturday, however I would have liked to come back out to the Expo. Then Sunday it was grandson day. I am happy I got one day at the Expo. Your pictures on line looks just like the ones I took.
    Have fun at The Barn House event.
    See you next year.

    Janice In Missouri

  2. Isabel... I love your sneek peeks so much it is probably a good things I am not close... I would be very temped to bring a couple things home.... Hope you have great success and by what I have seen in your preview you will... Be safe...

  3. Great stuff! I love your creations!

  4. I want those pillows--all of them! I hope they are still around by the time I get there!!! :)

    Susan @

  5. Hello my bloggy friend! WooHoo!!! Party day is just a week away! I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone's creative spaces. I have a request... I thought it would be easier for everyone to leave comments if we all turned off comment moderation and word verification during the day (or maybe week) of the party. To do that, go to customize, settings, comments...then scroll down to turn off comment moderation and word verification.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a fabulous week. See you next Friday!!
    BTW... wish I could be at the Barn House with you!
    My Desert Cottage

  6. I wish I was a fly in that there space for me in your trailer amongst all of your marvelous creations? Have a wonderful time and an abundance of sales and friendship making :)

  7. I'm betting you will have a great show. Lots of great goodies going, I see. Can't wait to see the pics and hear the stories!

  8. Isabel, I know you will be a great asset to the Barn House group! Good Luck and hope to see many photos of this great event.


  9. Good luck, hope you sell it all....wish I could be there to help you(u know by buying it all):)!!!

  10. I can't wait to sew your pictures. Come visit me at


  11. Wow!! If only we had a Flea Market close. I bet you had a great time and some wonderful finds. Had a great visit hope you stop by soon. Connie

  12. Isabel, it was so nice to see you this weekend, and be able to spend time getting to know you! You are so much fun and I am not sure when I last laughed so much in a weekend! I look forward to seeing you again sometime soon~

  13. OK.... LOVE LOVE LOVE the Laundry basket and those pillows. I so want the basket!! Blessings, Janna

  14. Oh my everything looks amazing. just found your blog and have really enjoyed reading through your different posts.


I so enjoy and appreciate your comments!! Thank you so much for stopping by!!!

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