14 July 2009

More Expo and found treasures

This year the show was able to place a bunch of us friends together, and we sure had a lot of fun!!! This was the first summer Expo I did without Lisa, and even though she came to help on Friday, I was pretty much glued to my space all weekend! I was able to peel away a couple of times for a little shopping and to take a few pictures...

Right next to me was my sweet friend Joy! Her laughter and good disposition keeps us all happy!!

Next to Joy was our friend Diane, she always has the most exquisite and romantic things, which always make me drool....

Next to Diane were Shannon and Maryann (missing for health reasons), a daughter-mother team with a wonderful talent to find beautiful items!!

Across from us were Julie (in the photo) and Christa, from Kindred Roses, their wonderful wares were flying off their booth all weekend!!

The gang!! From left to right, Kara (Diane's daughter), Diane, Joy, Shannon and me (don't you love my umbrella...?!!)!

My finds from this weekend include...

... an old velvet photo album...

... a pair of victorian boots (I have been wanting some for a long time!!)...

... Vintage crochet trim and old handwritten letters...

... a great (victorian?) chair...

... vintage barkcloth pieces....

... a floral pillow....

... a darling vintage baby coat, maybe used for christening...?

... vintage linens...

... and finally a chair I found at the end of the show for $1!! It's falling apart but I love that base and am sure I can find a use for it!!

There were a couple of other things I bought but they are buried under some furniture, so I will have to show them later!! Right now there is no time to rest, as I get ready for the Barn House Flea Market this Saturday... I will be back soon with some sneak peeks!!


  1. This market looks great! Every stand seems only to have treasures! At the markets here I always have to dig for great stuff! And I see the vanity table I was looking for here, of all places!! I think I'll move to the States!

  2. Oh how I wish I lived in Oregon. I would love to shop in your antique malls and at all these awesome shows. Everything I see is just pure eye candy. Maybe someday I will have to rent myself a U-haul and take a summer roadtrip to load it up... :-)

    Love that floral pillows. The colors are so pretty!!

  3. That looks so wondeful. How lovely to be surrounded by like-minded people and beauiful finds!

  4. Look at the smiles on all your faces. I have never seen anything but smiles on girls that do shows. Everything was so tempting and wonderful. Loved your post.
    Good luck with your show.

  5. I always love all your photos, and come to you for great display ideas. Thanks for showing all the great gals and their goods.

  6. Well as always... your space looked great and you had fun. You are always so inspiring with your great and positive attitude. Havwe a wonderful day!


  7. Love your finds! I wish I had more time to search, but just didn't have the time. I did find what I was looking for though. A fun 1950's metal cart to hold my microwave and some recipe books and an old small suitcase.

    Loved visiting your booth and next time I will give myself more time.

  8. It was so fun to see you this weekend, love your finds! I've been bad at posting (as you reminded me, thanks. ) I need to get my pics posted still from the weekend. I've been trying to get ready for BH and work my day job too - I'm excited for this weekend, hope we have a great show!!

  9. I'm still love your photos!!! Amazing!!

    Regards from Sweden & Agneta

    Ps. welcome to my competition on my blog! Ds

  10. Your photos are always so enchanting, I love coming here. Wishing you luck at the Barn House show this weekend, I am guessing it will be HUGE! and I am so sad I cannot sad. Please bring back lots of treasures and photos to share! Hugs~

  11. i swear i can't see straight from excitement when i look at your expo photos!!!! eye candy galore. talent galore. you portland ladies get it. you have all the good stuff!!!! wonderful post. great stuff. love the $1 chair. i wouldn't have walked away from it either.

  12. The umbrella is fantastic! The Christening Coat is such a wonderful find. Love it! Looks like you had a lot of fun. I'm enjoying discovering these ladies and their blogs. Thanks for sharing your good times! ~Mindy

  13. Ohh lala Love the finds! Wish I was there with yall! big mermaid hugs


  14. Your row of booths at Expo was the livliest of all I think!!!!

    You were busy when we came through Friday, but I wanted to say HI now and that I like your finds--you are a kindred spirit!!!!

    Gayle from Stars

  15. WOW Isabel! What a fantastic market! Your photos perfectly capture the atmosphere!
    I wish I could come over there to have a peek, and bring a HUGE suitcase along!

  16. Oh!! I see more than a few things I would love to buy! Looks like you found some wonderful goodies!

  17. So much fabulous stuff there, Isabel. Love it all. Hope you get all rested up for the Barn House sale, which looks like it will be spectacular. Again!

  18. Hi Isabelle, It all looks sooofun and fabulous! Hope to see you at Barnhouse!

  19. All that beauty in one place, That's amazing!!! I just love it all..So much eye candy..


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