30 August 2010

Camas Vintage Street Faire

The memories of a cold and wet show day last year in Camas were quickly erased by the most gorgeous sunny day and tons of friendly smiling faces who surrounded me and came to pay us a visit...!!! The setting couldn't be more charming, as you can see...

Here are some snapshots of my booth...

... and here is some more eye candy...

I will be back soon with pictures of my latest finds... I wish you all a wonderful week!!! We are on our last stretch before school starts next week...!!!


  1. one of these day I will make it to one of these seems like every flea market in the area was scheduled at the same time as a store event...I am hoping to make it to Coburg...hopefully I will catch you there! great photos...looks like so much fun junque!

  2. All I can say's a good thing I didn't get to go.
    I'd be sooooo poor right now. Thanks for the pics.

  3. Thank you for sharing these lovely images..looking forward to see what you have found. have a lovely week Colette

  4. Hi just popped over from the uk how I wish i could get to one of these fairs your pics are great please keep posting them so I know what I'm missing :)

  5. Absolutely wonderful items ....

  6. I so wish I could have been there but while you girls were selling from your fantastic booths I was finalizing the set up of mine in the new mall. Stop by and take a look as a lot of your pictures have inspired me throughout this process.

  7. Hola Isabel, congrats for your so great booth with all the great things you have, they are all awesome!!!!
    Wishing you a great selling time.
    maria cecilia

  8. Isabel it was so nice to meet you finally! You're adorable and I loved talking with are so gifted, thank you for sharing a piece of yourself with us! I put our pic up on our blog if you want to see ;-)
    Hugs to you! Lisa

  9. Your photos look great and it was so nice to see you this weekend. I'm sure I'll see more of you at Monticello next month.

    Take care ands good luck with getting the kids back to school.....I'm not looking forward to it.

    Take care,


  10. I just ran into your blog and love it. The word Camas caught my eye so I had to check it out. I was born and raised there, went to K-12there, my father, uncle and cousin all worked at the Mill. I always knew that the downtown would be like that someday. It is a charming place!

    My brothers still live there so I'll have to plan a trip around this faire!

    This type of stuff is right up my alley. I am drooling over here...
    You have great merchandise, love it!
    Here's a link when I wrote about our little town of Camas.

    Have a great day! I'll be back!

  11. Hi! Thanks for sharing the pics. Will you be in the Coburg show this year? Do you still have the compost pot in your picture? I love it! I want it! ;) I hope to see you in Coburg.

  12. Your booth looked beautiful Isabel! I wish I didn't live so far away!!

  13. Isabel, your booth looked great! And, the street fair was definitely eye candy! Glad you had a gorgeous day too. Would have loved to have been there.

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  15. Absolutely gorgeous..I wished I lived there..Looks like it would have been a fabulous day..xx


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