09 September 2008

Coburg Antique Fair

Coburg was a great way to finish our summer round of shows... This show is quite amazing and we were glad to be a part of it!! We set up saturday afternoon, and when we arrived at 5:00 am on sunday, there were already some serious shoppers in the dark with ther flashlights, looking for the early bird treasures!!! The day was hot but we really enjoyed visiting with old and new friends!! At the end of the day we packed everything and took it all to Monticello on monday for the Fall Premier Show we are a part of!!! Who needs a gym membership?!!

... my side...

... Lisa's side...

... Diane, Martha and Sue's booths...

... Cindy and Joy's booths...

Lisa and I did take turns doing a little shopping, and I found a few cute things...

... love this pink barkcloth bag made by Kathy from Colby Cottage...

... this adorable vintage pink girdle will be a great addition to my bathroom valance, below...

... scraps of vintage fabric...

... Lisa found this doll and offered it to me... I love it, it is my favorite treasure of the day (thanks, Lisa!!). I couldn't resist cleaning her adorable little face (with, believe it or not, my trusty magic eraser!!)... Doesn't she look cute?

I can take a deep breath, now, relax (as much as a busy mom can...) and concentrate on making some pretty things again!! I have some ideas boiling in my head, and can't wait to get working on them!! Of course, you will be the first to see them...!!


  1. LOVE that pink bag...darling! I am nuts for totes and aprons.

  2. What a great antique faire! I love the fabric lined shopping carts & also the girdles hanging over your window : ) !!!

    Aren't we glad our generation doesn't wear that stuff.

  3. I wanted to walk into the computer and shop! Thanks for posting the great pictures. The doll cleaned up beautifully - great trade by the way. :>) Sure looks like a fun time, hope you did well in your booths too.

  4. The doll is so sweet! Good find!
    Hope you're feeling better today.

  5. Oh that doll is incredible. Kudos! And, the girdle valance is wonderful. You are so clever!!!

    I think I'd just like to visit you at your home and do some shopping there!

    Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!

  6. I love that pink barkcloth bag so much I cannot EVEN stand it!


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