28 September 2008

Week review

Thank you all for your sweet words about my new hair-do, I am so happy you all like it!!! I am still getting used to it, it was a big change for me, and I truly appreciate your positive feedback!!!!

Where did this week go??!!! I have been busy cleaning house, but took a little time to go to Goodwill outlet where I found some old linens and baby and doll clothes (click on the pictures for a close up)... I also found a pretty piece of yellow barkcloth, which was quite exciting since I LOVE barkcloth!

On friday, after my kid's school Fun Run ( which I will talk about later), I made a run to Monticello to make sure our booths weren't too messy for the weekend, and stopped at a favorite thrift store, where I found a cute dress with great robin's egg blue ruffles. I seem to be finding ruffles everywhere, now!! The top is a royal blue velour, so I will only be using the ruffles, probably on a dress form...!!

I also stopped at a garage sale where I found an adorable vintage doll for a fiver... He is missing a hand, which makes it even more endearing to me!!! That face is so cute!!

I also found a cute pink perfume bottle, which will be added to my ever growing collection!

I haven't had much time to work on projects, lately, but last week I started working on a cute child's desk I found for next to nothing, it was very plain so I decided to cover the entire top with pages from old children's books!! All I need is a good cover of Mod Podge and it is ready to go!!

On friday morning our elementary school had a Crazy Hat Fun Run, an annual fundraiser where friends and family pledge money for every lap a child runs around the track.

Here is my son wondering if her wicked, wicked mother will actually make him wear that to school.. Actually, he was pouting because he didn't want his picture taken (have I mentioned he is a smart, smart kid?!). This is what I call ammunition for the teenage years...

My youngest daughter was a little easier to please... (by the way, there is nothing shy about her!)

My two oldest daughters (and a neighbor) running with Alex for encouragement!!

My middle daughter Clara (who is also a competitive gymnast like her younger sister) participated in a meet last weekend and came in third place all around for her age group!! I wanted to share these pictures with you, as we are very proud of her!!

On a final note, I really wanted to thank Angela from Need2Bcreating for giving me an award!! It is so rewarding to know that people (other than your friends and family who feel like they "have" too!!) actually enjoy reading my modest little blog, who would guess??!!!! Thank you, it is truly appreciated!! Have a great week!!


  1. Aaaah, You're WELCOME Isabel! You so deserve it! I check in with you daily. Thanks for the nice update. I did re-do my blog and have moved it now to because I was tired of mixing family with junking stuff and projects, so the old one is just for family. Cheers!


  2. That is too funny, I have been thinking about doing the same, starting a new blog for all the family updates, there is always so much stuff going on with the kids (and you want the family back in Portugal and in Fresno to be able to enjoy following them...), but I'm always afraid I am tiring everyone with kids stuff!!!


I so enjoy and appreciate your comments!! Thank you so much for stopping by!!!

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