16 September 2008

A travel back in time...

A few days ago, I received an email from an old school friend... I was very surprised because I haven't seen him since high school and couldn't figure out how he had found me.... He said, "you have to join this site!". This newly created website, called "Ancients du Lycee Francais de Lisbonne", was a newly created informal space for former students from the French School in Lisbon to meet!!

As I have mentioned before, I attended the French School from the time I was 3 years old until I graduated from high school at 17... I did all my elementary studies in full immersion french language, then transferred to the portuguese section of the school to continue my studies in portuguese. Most of my school friends accompanied me throughout the years from preschool all the way to high school (and some to college!). We had a great time growing up together and I have wondered about many of them... This news got me scrambling for my old pictures, and a flood of memories started to invade me!!

(can you guess where I am? I am the girl in the middle, with the bangs...)

The Lycee Francais was a tradition in our family... My parents met at this school, and my uncles and aunts had attended it too... By the time I started, my three older siblings were already there (my two younger siblings would follow...). Many teachers had been in the school for years and remembered the previous generation well... As they would read the roster at the beginning of the school year and come across "Isabel Feist...", all they could utter was... "another Feist?!!!!"

The same day I received the email, I signed up! Turns out this friend of mine had found my younger brother and asked him how to get a hold of me... Within a few hours of putting my name there, I had four of my old friends make contact with me!! One of them was my best friend when I was around 10 (that's not her in the picture...)!!! The wonders of technology!!!!! Since then, it has been a whirlwind of emotions!! I am really excited, and I will keep you posted about this new adventure....!!!

Back to earth, now, Lisa and I set up for the Monticello Harvest Show last week. I took my camera so I could snap some pictures, put it in a drawer, then left without it... Fortunately, Sue was still there, setting up next to us, so I called her and asked if she could retrieve it for me and have it put in a safe place, and "while you're at it, can you take some pictures of our space?". She is the reason why I can share these with you... Thanks, Sue!!!

I also wanted to share something very special... This weekend my youngest daughter Rita participated in a gymnastics meet, and came out in First Place All Around for her age group...!! She was first in bars, second in beam, second in floor and third in vault!! We are very proud of her, and love to witness her accomplishments!!

Last, but not least, I wanted to thank Sue for giving me my very first blog award ever!!!! I was very excited and honored to receive this award, I came into the blog world wondering if anyone would ever be interested in what I had to share, and have been having the time of my life!!! I have met so many wonderful people and can't wait to meet more!! Thank you, Sue, I heart your blog too!!


  1. What cute pics. Thanks so much for stopping by and checking on us!!

  2. I loved the pictures of you when you were little. The 10 year old picture looks just like Clara! So adorable. Congrats to Rita on her 1st place! Your girls are so talented and lovely too.

  3. Isabel,
    What an exciting post, so many good things happening for you right now. Congrats to your beautiful dd also, it's amazing how much pride we can feel when our children accomplish something wonderful, isn't it?

  4. Hi Isabel,
    Wow Rita rocks! Well I guess maybe tumbles might be a better word?? If you don't know what I am talking about let's pretend it is in the translation, shall we? I miss you, maybe I should do something about that? A party day perhaps??

  5. Isabel,

    I got here through your comment on Corey's site, and I have to is a pleasure to "meet" another Portuguese Isabel in this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Like you, I have also married and moved to the US (New Jersey) over 20 years ago.
    This photo of you in school brough back memories of my own school and friends at Escola Selecta D. Joao I in Lisbon. Unfotunately, they don't have an "old students" site, but I have gone back to visit my old school a few years ago and my daughter had the opportunity to explore it, talk to my old 3rd and 4th grade teacher, and also meet an old friend of mine who now teaches there.
    I truly enjoyed to visit your lovely lovely blog and all your antique findings. You kids are beautiful. Best of luck! Isabel

  6. ola tiazinha!!

    Só para dizer que tá igual à Clara naquelas fotografias!principalmente na segunda!beijinhos


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