02 September 2008

Reclaiming the house...!!

... that is my goal for this week..!! This summer has been so busy with travels, soccer, shows and just plain fun, that the house has been neglected! There is stuff everywhere and I can't take it anymore!! There is a pile for the Coburg Show, a pile for a garage sale we are doing in a few weeks, a pile for Goodwill and a big pile of JUNK going straight to the trash!!!

Kids are getting back to school this week, some today, some tomorrow and some thursday! We went clothes shopping this weekend (and then my conscience persuaded me against robbing a bank!!), loaded up the pantry with school snacks, got loads (and loads, and loads) of laundry done, and worked on getting our home back!! My middle daughter's 12th birthday is this saturday, so we are having 9 (nine!) girls sleeping over on friday... That is my deadline for getting this place to look like a cozy home, and not like a flea market!!
Then, saturday, it is off to Coburg for set up! We are spending the night nearby so we can be there bright and early!! Let's have a big ol' party, everyone!!

In the meantime, we have great summer memories to hold on to!!

My sister Teresa sent me this video clip today, it is quite amusing and it will give you a peek at my hometown, Lisbon! It features Rob Schneider in his "Save Miguel" campaign... (btw, I have a brother named Miguel!). This is the first time I am uploading a video onto Blogger, so I am hoping it will work!! Enjoy!


  1. I need to reclaim the house too! Ahhh, the sweet end of summer. Also, the video was great!

  2. Hi Isabell , I loved that the HOA contacted you - that's too funny. Be sure and show us photos of your reclaimed house. Sue

  3. Hey, we all know how it's like when your home is your storage & you're always getting ready for the next sale..... Overwhelming at times!! I am in the middle of reclaiming my home back too;- this has taken quite some time, but we're getting there!
    Good luck :o))))

  4. Isabel, wow a slumber party on Friday night, and not just a couple of girls but 12! What a gal, what a great MOM! I hope you get everything done and still find a little "ME" time for yourself.

  5. brother sent me this too. I love it!


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