22 September 2008

New look, new blogging friend and new experiment!

I have had my hair long for most of my life, but just reached a point where I was not happy.... The bottom half was lighter than the top due to some heavy highlights I had done a couple of years ago, so I wanted to chop it off!! And so I did!!! I do miss my long hair a little bit, but am quite happy with the new look... What do you think?!!!

A few days ago, while reading a post about french names from Corey Amaro's "Tongue in Cheek" blog, I came upon a lady commenting about her portuguese upbringing, and then I saw her name was Isabel!! So, I left a comment (she did not have a link to her blog) and mentioned I was wondering about this other portuguese Isabel. It just happens that she saw my comment and made contact with me!! We have emailed each other, it turns out she also grew up in Lisbon and moved to the US after getting married!! I loved visiting her blog, named "A Room of One's Own", her pictures are amazing, please make sure to scroll down and see her gorgeous post on portuguese "azulejos" (tiles)!! Isn't the blogging world great?!!!!

Here is a peak at what my experiment was about...

The other day I found this amazing vintage wedding dress with ruffles after ruffles (after ruffles!) of lace!! Some of the lace edges were a bit yellowed, and my first instinct was "oxyclean"! Then I thought, no, I actually want it "yellower", darker, more vintage looking!! So, inspired by an article in the latest Country Living by Robin Brown (the great designer behind Magnolia Pearl), I decided to tea stain this massive dress!! I wasn't sure if it would work, I have dyed cotton lace but not synthetic...

It did not darken as much as I hoped for, but I think it did get a "yellowed" tint, especially the lining and the embroidery detail on the lace!! Partial success!!! I decided not to rinse after the tea bath, because I was afraid it would make it lighter..

On a different note, I had my annual physical today, and passed with flying colors!!! I love going to my doctor, she is a lot of fun and she actually used to ask me for advice on how to wean her baby from nursing... So, when she asked me today if I was exercising, and I said no, she called me a "lard a**"!!! What ever happened to good bedside manners??!! It was all in good fun, though, and we laughed about it!! She told me to load up my mp3 with all those corny 80's songs we love but are afraid to admit it, then take it to the gym for a fun workout!!! I really do want to commit myself to losing weight and become healthier...

So, what did I do on the way out from the doctor? I went to the grocery store and bought a pint of Haagen-Dazs ice cream (my new favorite flavor, "fleur de sel caramel"!!)... I can't just cut it out of my life without a proper goodbye...


  1. That is such a beautiful dress!! I sold one pretty similar to that one on ebay for quite a bit of money a while back. Someone bought it and said it was going to be used in a play. I thought that was pretty exciting!

  2. ISabel,
    love the new "do"- I just met you in Coburg, just the once, but I just love the shorter cut! So very cute. And super great dress!
    have a wonderful week!

  3. Hi Isabel! I LOVE your hair! Just darling. The wedding dress is pretty and I think it aged nicely.


  4. The blog world is truly amazing indeed, otherwise how else woud we have met :)
    Great haircut! And that dress...I could picture a tea party, bouquets of scented roses, and those ruffles flowing in the breeze...
    As for your "new exercise routine", who could really blame you for starting it with Haagen-Dazs...not MOI ;)
    I think I just found my favorite diet routine...all I need is that "Bird's nest" 80's hair and some leg warmers

  5. ...hello Isabel and the Andersons (from Morocco) were over the top to see your Blog site. We hope that all is well and pls contact us separately.


  6. Your hair looks great...I have been debating cutting my shorter too. I'm so tired of the pony tail thing. MMMMmmmm...maybe....
    Love the dress too! So pretty!

  7. Isabel,
    You're just so cute with that new "do"! Looks great on you.
    That dress is to die for!!!!!!!
    Lucky you for finding it, love what you did....

  8. I love your haircut!! You look so smart! Which you are of course! But now everyone will just look at you and think oh my gosh she is so cute and SMART too!

  9. I agree-great cut! Very youthful and sassy!
    You gals make me tired just reading about all of your adventures to shows-I don't know how you do it!! BTW, I loved your story about meeting your husband-very sweet!
    I tea-stain everything, too-very cool dress.
    Have a good day,

  10. Isabel...darling haircut, you look 10 years younger...congrats!!! Cindy

  11. Love the new hair cut! Your tea staining turned out great, too! Wish we were closer so we could walk or exercise together. xoxo, M.

  12. CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! Your hair is great! Love the dress too. The Hubs and I are hooked on a similar ice cream flavor from Dryers. The slow churned 1/2 the calorie. I think it's only half the calories if you just eat a serving. Probably not the best addiction.

    Congrats on your annual exam out come! Those are the best. I know I always worry before going then afterwards feel a ton better when my doctor announces I'm "healthy as a horse!"
    Have a great weekend

  13. I LOVE your new haircut! LOVE the bangs! very nice. I like the yellowed lace against the white. Great find!


  14. I haven't tried that kind of Haagen das, but now I'll be thinking about that flavor until I go and get some...

    the ruffles are perfect this way! I usually have trouble with tea dye, and just mix fabric dye to that color and use that. Glad it worked well for you.

  15. GREAT new look!!! You are giving Beyonce a run for the money!! We miss you and hope to see you at Joy's next month!! :o)

  16. Isabel,
    Love your haircut!! You are too cute. But I'm gonna have to pass on the 80s tunes - you and my sis are about the same age and she Loves that era , too. Congrats on the good bill of health. Its probably from all the exercise we get doing our shows! :0)
    Hope to see you at Monticello sometime soon , Sue

  17. Great dress! I gave you a blog award - check out my blog when you have time. Thanks for all the inspiration!



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