18 February 2009

"I thought I would never see you again..."

Last year at the July Expo, I sold a dress form I had lovingly created... It was one of the first things I sold on the first day, and only realized after the lady walked away with it that I hadn't even taken a picture of it!!! I was a little sad about it...

Later in the day, the lady came around again and I asked if she would be so kind to take a picture of it and email it to me. She said she would, but I never received it...

So, a week ago, I get a call from Lisa, and she said: "I know how you can get pictures of your dress form...!!! It is for sale on Ebay!!!!" Sure enough, there was my dress form!!! I hope the lady doesn't mind that I copied the pictures, but I am so happy I now have them!! I used a beautiful rose fabric to cover the dress form, then added a few trims and embellishments, and I really love the way it turned out! I have two more dress forms in my attic waiting for a similar treatment, maybe I should get started soon as they are very time consuming!! This one sold on Ebay for $255!!!

This saturday I will be going with a friend to Cindy's ( Queen of Tarte) grand opening, she has filled a 1900 sf barn with her treasures, and I know it is going to be awesome!! Her guest vendors are none other that the boys of Barn House...!! So you know you are in for a treat!! If you are in the area, you should not miss it!! For those far away, I will take lots of pictures!!! See you then!


  1. Hi Isabel! ... this is JUST FAB! An extraordinary labor of love!
    Guess what I love the most?... Pink Roses!!!!!!
    Monica x.

  2. Love the mannequin!!!Hugzzz...Tiina...

  3. What comes to my mind is: What did you sell the mannequin for, while she could turn around and sell it for THAT much!!!!
    You should start value your work & effort more, Isabel :o)
    But, as a customer, I love your prices!!!
    See you Saturday @ Cindy's

  4. OH my gosh!!
    I happen to know the gal from ebay. Her name is susie and she is a doll!! You should know that she only sells the best and nothing less!! You did a fabulous job and the sell price reflects that. If you make any more let me know they are awesome!!

  5. WOw Isabel!!! that is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I love the fabric you used... so lovely.

  6. Isabel, that is just gorgeous. I can understand why you wanted a photo. You must do more. Girl, you are truly gifted. Debbie

  7. WoW~ That is one beautiful body!
    How could your part with least I hope she found a great home:)

  8. Hi Isabel...thank you for posting my flyer....Things are starting to look great in the barn. Can't wait to see you on Saturday. xoxo Cindy

  9. Hello! I do not have my own blog yet, but I love to skip around the internet and read others. Imagine my surprise when I saw your mannequin decked out in the fabric of my dining room chairs! I had those chairs covered about 10 years ago, but I remember ordering the fabric from the upholsterer. I still love it and I guess others did, too! Bonnie

  10. I love the dress form! What a fun idea:) I can't wait to see what you do with the "ladies in waiting" in the attic. I wish I could join you on Sat. I will have to just wait to see your photos though. I was from Oregon City:)

  11. Hi Isabel! I love that mannequin! I'm glad you got a photo of it before it was lost for good. Oh! I'm jealous that you'll be going to the big sale this weekend! I adore Queen of Tarte and Barn House style. Take lots of pictures please!!!


  12. Hi Isabel!! Ohhhhh I LOVE that dress form! I would have jumped on that in a red hot second myself! And yay! You got some pictures finally! I wish I could make the barn sale...But I can't wait to see the pictures! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. It's always a pleasure to hear from you! Vanna

  13. What a beautiful work of art! You should make more if you can. So pretty!

  14. WOW! Now that is some talent...patience....and art!!!
    I love to sew, and I have an antique one (named Betsy), but she surely isn't as pretty as that!

  15. That is so incredible! Both the story and the figure!!!
    I once found a color by number painting I'd done as a child in a flea market...I knew it was it because I spilled a little paint on it!

  16. Thanks for the head's up. I did have the opportunity to enjoy Tarte today.

  17. It was meant to be! I am so glad Lisa found her so you could have her forever in your photos!



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