20 February 2009

If only....

... I had deep pockets!!! Every time I go to Monticello to stock up my space, I literally drool over way too many beautiful things!!! My mom always told me that the best part about dreaming is that it's FREE!! So I dream...

This moss cherub would look great in our porch!!

Isn't this the coolest piece??!!

I love vintage dresses...

And how awesome is this vintage pink mixer?

Great chippy little chest of drawers and oh, the possibilities for this amazing piece with all the little cubbies!!!!

This beautiful lamp was marked down from $150 to $48...

Of course I am nuts about chandeliers, and I would gladly take these home...

Anything with roses always draws my attention...

... and this darling little shelf is too cute for words!

Look at these amazing mirror tie backs... Yikes, $169!!

I have always wanted to have some of these...

This darling desk was very reasonably priced at $58....

... and this french bed and matching vanity were really to die for!!!!!

I did come home with a little treasure... I bought this darling little shelf!! Isn't it super cute, with that robin's egg blue on the inside?

When I got home, I had the most amazing surprise waiting for me...!! Sweet Monica, from The White Bench, was so kind to send me an incredibly generous gift! Monica is a wonderful friend and someone I instantly felt a connection with, like I had known her all my life!! First, I spent a good ten minutes just indulging on the beautiful packaging...

... and when I finally opened it I was thrilled!!!! I couldn' t believe she actually sent me one of her works of art (oh, what I would give to be able to paint as beautifully as she does...!). Monica, I absolutely love it!! And the vintage italian books are gorgeous... What you don't know is that years ago I took two years of Italian at the Italian Institute in Lisbon!! Can't wait to practice my Italian... Grazie mille!!! And how did you know I looooove tea? What a sweet and thoughtful gift, I am truly thankful for your friendship!!!

I will be back soon with pictures of Tarte's Grand Opening tomorrow... Have a great weekend!


  1. What lovely pieces. They all are on my 'dream' list :)

  2. Very nice Items. I love Pink Roses!

  3. I wouldn't be able to make a nickel in your mall. I'd spend it there as fast as I got it!
    Beautiful gifts. You are fortunate to have made such a sweet friend!

  4. Oh, Isabel, what a BEAUTIFUL surprise to find THAT at the very end of your post!!! I'm so happy you liked my roses! Can't wait to see where you are going to put it in your 'pink' home!
    And LOOOOOVE your blue egg shelf!!!

  5. What a great market!!! I love your shelf!!!

  6. Wow, Isabel, lots of great things there - the French bed is to-die-for! But your little shelf was much easier to bring home, and just lovely too! Can't wait to see your photos of Queen of Tarte's opening.

  7. What a lovely gift!!! Those photos of all of the goodies were so much fun to look at! I love antique stores and flea markets - so much inspiration there!

    You have a gorgeous blog and I have enjoyed my visit so much! I'm going to add you to my favorites list - I hope you don't mind! I can't wait to return. Have a lovely Saturday!

    God Bless,

  8. This was a "dreamy" post! Love all the photos! Looking forward to tomorrows post.

    Have a fun weekend~

  9. Loved your gorgeous pictures. Have fun at the sale this morning. I'm sad i won't be going with you, but i know you will take lots of pictures.
    C you soon!


  10. can you believe that i have never been to Monticello???.....seeing your pictures really makes me wanna!! But, I can't cause we are off to the beach to see "The Little River Band"...I'd love to go to Cindy's, too......I will be ther next time for sure!!!

  11. On my gosh I loved the mirror tie backs.... Never could own them but lovely to look at....

  12. OMG!!! What beautiful treasures. I'm like you. If only I had deep pockets. I could and would do some serious damage in that place.

  13. Isabel,
    Here is the link I talked about:

  14. Loved the virtual shopping tour through your antique mall! I just love to walk through those and see what I can find! Felt like I was right there with you!

  15. Goodness ...I was drooling right along with you! Great stuff!

  16. Gorgeous pics, Isabel!



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