02 February 2009

Vintage Finds

Sunday I took off early in the morning to visit a nearby flea market in Polk Co.!! It's a small indoor flea market but there are always good things to find! I came home with some cool finds, all pretty inexpensive...

I love this wooden detail. I do not know what it was used for...

... I thought this was a pretty cool piece!

... Just in time for Valentine, some vintage heart candy boxes...

... I love these old bread pans...

... The lady who sold me these fabrics told me that it used to be a quilt (front and back), but it was in such bad shape that she took it apart! The fabric has the softest feel... And she saved the binding too!

... Some vintage lace, a small illustrated bible, a vintage collar and a darling baby duck rattle...

... Vintage Meyercord decals...

... these two birdcage-like pieces are really cool, but I have no idea what they were used for! Anyone knows? The guy that sold them to me didn't know either, but said he had them for at least 25 years...

... A shabby white table and a wooden barrel (would be great for umbrellas!)...

... A vintage twin duvet with incredible intricate quilting...

... And my favorite find of the day, a vintage Winnie the Pooh!! Ever since I lived in London I have developed a love affair with this darling bear!!

Earlier in the week at Monticello, I found a pair of vintage ticking pillows which, I think, will look great on my vintage wicker settee!!

... Also this great frame! Not sure if it will be a mirror or an inspiration board...

I had a few requests to share how I fused fabric onto wood for my dresser makeover, so I will do that on my next post! I will also share another project I have been working on! Have a great week!


  1. Wow, Isabel, you always score big in the vintage treasure hunting department! Lots of fabulous finds. My favourite is that beautiful frame - I vote for inspiration board!

  2. My guess on the cool birdcage things was they were once part of a hanging lamp. ???

  3. Oh I'm dying!!! I LOVE the vintage valentine hearts!!! How wonderful to find those. I think I love everything you found! Beautiful treasures.....thank you for sharing :o).


    Chloe Rose
    Kindred Roses

  4. You do such an awesome job finding great things

  5. So many wonderful finds!!! Those shell flowers are unbelievable. Sally

  6. Isabel - Great finds, again!!
    I love your tutorials & are looking forward to Saturday @ Auntie Joy's!
    The blog you referred to: Heartbreaking & so-not beautiful!

  7. My guess on the hanging birdcage thingies is that they would have been lined with spaghnum? spahgnum? spagnum? (spellcheck doesn't like any of those) moss and then had plants in them, hung on a porch railing.

    I think your barrel is a nail barrel from an old hardware store.

  8. you find the most amazing things!!! you truly inspire me! thanks for posting.

  9. Holy Moly! Those Valentine boxes really were just in time! Gorgeous finds!

  10. Good to run into you Sunday. We were wondering if you and Lisa would be there! Nice surprise! See you Saturday. It will be fun! M.

  11. Can't wait to discover what magic you will create with your findings. You always seem to strike gold.

  12. Beautiful things, Isabel! My very fav is Winnie the Pooh, but all the rest is just fab, too!!

  13. I just love the decals...they are wonderful. I am sorry to be missing the blog party, the store is open on Saturdays, making it hard for me to get away. I hope that it will be such a success, that there will be another, maybe at night...thanks for stopping by my blog!

  14. Isabel, you really struck the mother lode!!! I don't know what I love the most-it's all Fab U Lous! Maybe those birdcage thingys were paper lanterns from the 60's?

    I went to visit Bella's blog. How heartbreaking is her story. I don't like to intefere with other people's lives, but she needs to seek professional aid to get out of a really bad situation. Debbie

  15. Isabel, I absolutely enjoyed my walk with you through your Vintage Finds! I too love showcasing shopping sprees like this, and recently did a trunk show just yesterday on vintage outfits. You'll have to stop by and say hello! Definitely want to follow you...I love your style! ~Ciao for now... ~CC Catherine from "Catherine de th`e Cups"

  16. Ooo...Ooo...Ooo...I love it all what a score!!! I think your wood piece came off the front of an old radio/tv cabinet.

    Now I want to go shopping...argh...come on spring!


  17. Hi Isabel!! I was so glad to see a comment from you! How have you been? I see that darling little boy of yours had a birthday! Please give him a big birthday smooch from me!...Yeah I know how little boys LOVE that! Lol! Girl you scored!!! I love everything you purchased! I think the hanging balls were maybe planters? Filled with moss and planted with fowers they would be gorgy! If you do any shows up near me in Seattle please let me know OK? I'd love to come see ya! *winks* Vanna

  18. Wow! "What a haul you lucky girl!! Love, love the bread pan ... great for displays or storage of stacking dishes,platters and etc. Thanks for sharing:)

  19. What great finds! If you decide to part with any of the candy boxes, please email me! I have been looking for some but have not had good luck. I love those seashell flowers...GORGEOUS!

  20. You found some great things! I love the scrolled piece! And the bird cage is cool too.

  21. Hello,

    Just discovered your blog.

    Love all things I saw! Will be back.

    ~ Gabriela ~

  22. Isabel-I just had a brain fart! Do you think that wooden thingy was the part of the the front piece of a piano or organ? Debbie


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