01 February 2010

Fun in San Diego

My daughter Clara and I have just returned from a long weekend in sunny San Diego, where she competed in a gymnastics meet. This trip had special meaning to her, since she was born there, in the Balboa Hospital, while we were stationed in Miramar... This was a huge meet, with over 1300 gymnasts, and our girls struggled with the brutal scoring and the crushing competition, but remained in high spirits!

One of the best parts of this trip was having special bonding time with my daughter... When you are a busy mother of four, these times are rare and precious! We spent a day at Seaworld, and had a blast!! Clara had never been there, since she was only nine months when we left San Diego... She had the chance to get a taste of feeding, training and touching the dolphins, and what a treat that was! What beautiful creatures!

Visiting Shamu and the other killer whales was one of the highlights of this visit.... Simply magestic!!

The sea otters show is always very entertaining, and it made us laugh so much!!!! It still baffles me how they can train these creatures so well!

A visit to the Kobey's swap meet yielded some fun and inexpensive shopping...

...There was swimming at midnight and bonding time with the coach....

... and a visit to San Diego would not be complete without sunset at Coronado Beach (topped off with a few hand stands and back walkovers in the sand!!). We truly had an amazing time... There were no medals coming back in our luggage, but the wonderful memories we brought back will warm our hearts forever!!!


  1. Years ago my daughter and I went to San Diego for a gymnastics meet. We also had the best time! Loved the special bonding time we had. No medals came home with us either, but it was a trip we will never forget. Thanks for sharing your special time.

  2. sounds like a wonderful trip and I am so glad you had the chance to spend time with your daughter, this is a trip she will always remember!

  3. You did come home with a medal of bonding and love. A treasure that can't get lost as it will always be in your hearts.

  4. What a fantastic trip, Isabelle, and precious time with your girl. Many thanks for sharing.
    P.S I haven't forgotten you ;))

  5. Ah, those gymnastics weekend trips are fun aren't they? My daughter is only a level 4 now but we still do our share of them. I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog from somewhere - hope she wasn't too disappointed with her scores.

  6. What a beautiful bonding time you must of had. Florence

  7. Isabelle, it looks like you and Clara had a wonderful weekend together. Nice to give one-on-one time to our children every now and then, isn't it.

  8. We missed you Saturday, but it looks like you were having a great time with your girl.

  9. Great photos, Isabel. What a wonderful memory you will always have of the two of you.

  10. What a blessing! Been once to SD and it was beautiful. How nice you and your daughter could have such a wonderful trip together. You are right; it is not all about the medals and trophies.


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