15 February 2010

In love with...

... Designer Christina Strutt, creator of  Cabbages and Roses!!

I am a true romantic... Always have been, always will be...!!
 For me, flowers are the essence of romance.
They make me smile, they bring me happiness. I know I will always be drawn to floral fabrics and patterns, especially the well-loved,  time-kissed, faded ones.
This is why I love Christina's fabrics and designs so much, they truly tug at my heartstrings...
 I love how she uses her barely there floral patterns against a white canvas to create an aura of gentle romance, uncluttered and unfussy.
When I look at these pictures, I feel at home... I know in my heart I could live there... Could you...??! 

all photos from here


  1. I could so live there. It makes for such a beautiful dream!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yep, have had a girly crush on her for a couple of years now. Own all her books, would probably stalk her with arms full of her fabrics and home care bibles if we were on the same continent...

    Lisa xo

  3. Oh my I love the pool chairs and the water in that pool is gorgeous... what a lovely post on beautiful decorator fabrics and color. i hope your Monday was awesome.


  4. Oh how I am right there with you. If something has roses on it, I can hardly resist. It must be so hard for you to give some of it up to sale. Florence

  5. YES!YES I WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost as if I got married *lol*
    No seriously,these pictures are really beautiful,and I certainly wish they were from my home!!!!!!!!!At least I will let these pictures inspire mem,and they are pure delight to my eyes! Wow is the word:)

  6. Oh, thanks for bringing this to us! I fantasize about a beautiful table under a tent like that, all mismatched chairs..perfect!

  7. I'm a floral print lover, too! I think my love for it comes from not only a love of vintage and romance, but also because my sweet Mama has always had the most gorgeous cottage gardens surrounding her home!!! I grew up surrounded by the beauty and magic of flower-filled gardens. I especially love the rose prints!!!

  8. I must have those fabrics in my life! Now I want to redecorate my home...

  9. Yes, I could live there, especially under that tent outside. I have realized what draws me to sing is the out of doors settings. I love this one.

  10. Those photos are so lovely and inviting!! I'd like to snuggle up in them!

  11. Oh so romantic and feminine! I love the soft style and dreamy quality! Now off to find a rosey quilt and curl up with a good book!
    Love your blog!

  12. Oh wow, these photos are just beautiful..I love the comfy, lived in feel, that is what i want with my house!! I also love the muted colors and fabrics!

  13. I so agree with you Isabelle. I would live there for sure!

  14. I love, love, love Cabbages and Roses! Their rose prints are so beautiful!

  15. Bonjour Isabel!!! your blog is a great delight. Everything is fresh and beautiful!!! A lovely discovery!!! A bientôt. Helen Flont


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