19 February 2010

A resting place for my vintage finds...

I post frequently about my vintage finds... Many of them make their way into my booths and shows but many others end up finding a resting place in my home (more times than I probably should...!!!). I thought I would start a series of posts showing you where some of my favorite finds are living...!!  Many times, these sweet items get moved around a little bit until I feel satisfied... Who knows, maybe next time these treasures will be somewhere else...!!!

My collection of religious figures is evergrowing, and it includes some Portuguese folk art pieces... It sits in a dresser between the living and dining rooms.

One of my favorite slipper chairs has found a perfect spot under the secretary in my bedroom...

This unusually tall hatbox holds my collection of vintage umbrellas...

The sweetest pink umbrella graces one of my dressforms...

A little vignette in my bedroom includes these wonderful victorian shoes...

The lace lampshade adorns a figurine lamp in the master bathroom...

I've put this great shelf in the master bathroom, and plan to fill it with sweet vintage goodies...

The fabric covered drawer box  sits atop my secretary and holds jewelry...

My dolls gradually crowd a vintage chair in my dining room (my kids think this is creepy!)...

This is my latest find, I love this sweet basket and am still "auditioning" for a resting place...  I am not quite sure what I want to use it for... Any suggestions?


  1. Wow, you have some amazing collections! My mother had several Virgin Mary statues and I got them after she passed. I'm always on the look out for more! I love the ruffled parasol!

  2. Such wonderful treasures! I especially love the slipper chair and the umbrella. When I saw the basket I immediately thought of a centerpiece for a table for Easter or Spring filled with softly colored eggs!

  3. Wow. Plese oh please call me immediately if you ever part with the ruffled pink umbrella. I have a hunch there's a line..maybe with Lisa in front!

  4. First of all/ can pass everything you own to me~lol

    The dolls in the chair are my fav! For some reason children are always freaked out by old dolls. I was as a kid, I love them!

    Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful items:)

  5. I think the boots are my favorite (if I had to pick)...but the dolls are pretty cute,(not creepy) too!

  6. That shelf, the chair, the umbrella... well heck, I love it all! Hope all is well, Great finds Honey! Hugs, Janna

  7. Isabel, your collections are the sweetest! Where do you find all of these amazing pieces? I keep telling my friends that we need to take a road trip up there and meet you girls!

    I think you should keep everything. But, I know about holding onto things for a while and then passing them along.

    For the basket, maybe roll up some finger tip towels with a pretty vintage ribbon and lay them sideways in the basket.

    Have a sweet day.
    The word verification is coffe ....
    minus the other "e". That is my hint to go and refill my cup to kick start my day. ha.


  8. Oh what a delight to see those little books again, dear Isabel!!;)) And the basket is just perfect for an Easter display!
    I love love love the cupboard in your bathroom, I think I could disappear there for sometime!

  9. Gorgeous, Isabelle. I just love everything!


I so enjoy and appreciate your comments!! Thank you so much for stopping by!!!

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