26 February 2010

My published friends!

It is sooooooooo much fun seeing my friends featured in some of our best and most popular magazines!!!! If you have been around me for a while you know I love these guys and I have posted often about them... Heather did such a wonderful job capturing the essence of Barn House living, the article is beautifully written and the pictures keep you dreaming...

Even my friend Lisa made into the magazine, in a picture with Dexter, the cow.... (as did my friends Laurie and Debbie, from Worthy Goods and sweet Natalie, from Sparrow)!!!! Another featured friend in FMS was the ever so talented Cindy, her Tarte barn sales are always such an amazing event, and that is where I am headed tomorrow!!! Cindy will be in great company, with Joy from Auntie Joy, Karen from Amusements and Kelli!!

I will be back soon with pictures of tomorrow's sale, but before I end I wanted to give a shoutout to my friend Kim, whose blog, Mimi Charmante, was featured in the latest Romantic Homes magazine dedicated to all things French!!! Kim, you so deserve that honor, your blog is awesome and YOU are awesome!!!!

(BH and Tarte pictures from my files)


  1. you are so sweet - I can't wait to see you next month!!!
    have a fabulous weekend,

  2. Have a great time, looking forward to your next post.

  3. Love your site! I found you tonight while at My Sweet Savannah.
    I am now a new follower and looking forward to visiting again and again.
    Please come by and enter my Chocolate giveaway you might get lucky and win

  4. These guys just have the touch, it all looks so magical. Thanks for sharing more photo's of our fav barn house guys.

  5. Have a wonderful time,, love all the gorgeous photos, looking forward to more gorgeous photos...


  6. Oh I saw them! Great article! Awesome magazine!! It is fun! Love your pics of the show!
    Hugs, Lisa

  7. Wonderful post about wonderful people with wonderful eyes for design! I am new to your lovely blog (blogging too) but will be returning.

    Thanks for sharing such inspirational photos.


  8. What a great magazine! I love all of those pics! Are you going to farm chicks this year?

  9. I still need to track down a copy of the flea market magazine for myself! It looks wonderful!! Looking forward to seeing you around this season :)

  10. I have not been able to track down the magazine. I love those boys and I was so happy for Kim too.

  11. Loved your post, I found the Flea Market Magazine in Kalispell, Montana, I was so excited, unfortunately I could not get on the net, now I am back in the world of blog land. Yeah!!! However I would not trade it for a time spent with my youngest daughter and her family. Hugs Florence

  12. They deserve every bit of recognition they recieve and then some. They have worked hard for it and I think it's fantastic.

  13. Hi! Loved seeing the pictures from the years past. I almost didn't recognize the rooms in the house b/c everything changes so much. Sorry to have missed you in The Land of Tarte this weekend. :o(

    Thanks for the kind words on little old us. Read quickly...our 15 seconds are just about up!!


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