02 October 2008

Trash to treasure!

I was determined to have a productive day, yesterday...!! I have been procrastinating a ton of little projects forever (yes, procrastination IS my middle name, you know?), and decided to finally tackle a few!!

An ugly little stool got a makeover with some paint and a piece of vintage barkcloth, and here it is!

A little box found at a garage sale also got some new paint and a cute little print!

I found this great fireplace screen at a sale for next to nothing, but I felt it needed some "umpf"... so a piece of vintage wallpaper later, it turned out pretty cute!!

Finally, a cute bench got a makeover with a piece from an old blanket. I love the way it turned out!!!

Come back soon to see what I do with this canopy...!!!


  1. My, you certainly have a knack for transforming things into true objects of loveliness! Everything is just beautiful.

  2. Wow! Very pretty. You have great talent!

  3. Oh how lovely, dearest Isabel!!!

    Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. All your makeovers are just gorgeous; love them ALL! :)

  5. Your makeovers are just lovely!!!
    I love that fireplace screen,I have been looking for one to"redo"
    lovely,just lovely

  6. Wow! What a great job you did on all. I especially love the blanket top. I'll check back on the canopy.

  7. Isabel-Love your roses & romantic touches!I went to Monticello yesterday & checked out your booth ++++ many other vendors! It's got to be the best antique store around! Got myself some vintage treasures & TONS of new ideas :o)

  8. Love your little before and afters. So glad you are getting stuff done. Feels good doesn't it? I wish I had a little bit of your motivation right now.

    Love you!


  9. have been very busy! Everything looks lovely as usual. Hope to see you soon!

    J & J

  10. You are so PRODUCTIVE and creative. Beautiful!


  11. LOVE all you've transformed recently. Love your things painted white and sanded a bit. So cute! And such talent with the fabric etc. GREAT ideas! :) Thanks for inspiring. I have a new blog (separate from the family blog) at See you soon!


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