10 August 2010

Belle Blanc

You may remember a post on my blog featuring the absolutely gorgeous home of my sweet friend Leah... Leah is a very talented artist whose animal paintings are very sought after... Her cow paintings, especially, stir strong emotions in everyone who sees them... The muted colors and vintage feel make them extremely desirable... We all want one (or more...)!!

What you may not know is that Leah is also a fashion designer, and has just officially launched her new clothing line, Belle Blanc, at the Barn House Flea Market. Her collection, based in neutral tones of whites and greys, is rich in ruffles and gathers, and uses wonderful linens and the softest stretch fabrics I have ever felt... Her clothes wrap your body like a gentle kiss (even full figured women like me!) and accentuate our feminine charm!!! It's truly a girly girl collection, and I, personally, can't wait to get my hands on a few pieces!!!!

Lisa and I couldn't resist playing dress up at Leah's home, and you can tell by the way we are smiling that we are having a wonderful time!!

All the watermarked pictures were snapped by another wonderful friend, Lara, from Modern Prairie Girl... She is an incredible photographer and a super cool gal!!!!! And the model in the pictures? None other than the hottest grandma in town, Debbie, from Worthy Goods!!!!


  1. OMG, the clothes are SO beautiful - I really LOVE everything I see. Will she be selling online at all? She just must!!! p.s. you and Lisa look gorgeous in those beautiful outfits, Isabel!

  2. I am heading over to check out the blog and website!! Have a great week, hope everyting is well, Janna

  3. What a charming blog, darling children, great antiques (love the pink tutu) and fabulous fashions from your friend. I am going to go poke around more. This is my new blog-hopping time!!!

    We are pretty new to the world of blogland. My daughter gave the blog to me as a gift and a big surprise one day. Come and visit, if you would like. We make repurposed jewelry but our blog is all about our lives, our family (and dogs), other art that we do, our home and wonderful estate sale and rummage sale finds.

    Suz (and Kat)

  4. I hope my last post made it to posting! I love the things you had for the barb sale-especially the wonderful rose pillows. It looks like you also got back to your native Portugal. More of your cute kids!

    Thanks for a lovely visit!


  5. I saw the photos of the mannis on a blog post last week (might have been yours...I'm so forgetful!) and fell in love. Her designs are so original. I'm definitely checking out her website. Full figure you say...hmmm!
    P.S. I have always loved her painting from afar as well!

  6. What a nice find, your blog. As an Oregonian, I paused when I saw the color of the sand, then seeing Haystack rock ~ always brings a smile.

    Have a wonderful week in the valley.

  7. oh you girls are so cute ...

    I want it all!!!!

  8. Wow, what amazing photos. You all look fabulous!!!
    Leah is an amazing woman and I am proud to call you all my friends!

  9. what a wonderful line of clothing, it just look like you can breath and still be gorgeous wearing it.
    I am always looking for cute comfy clothes and this is a great line.
    Thanks for sharing

  10. Fabulous post.....from the clothes to the model! ;) Will head over to check out her website. I didn't know she did the cow painting, those are just amazing!

  11. Love this post. Oh my I can't wait to be able to get some things from Leah. For now I have the t-shirt with the famous cow on it. Thanks for sharing. Hugs Florence

  12. Very feminine, lovely clothing on very feminine, lovely women (including you and Lisa)!!!


  13. You all look so good!!! And the cloths are yummy..I will check it out!

  14. thank you for sharing these beautiful clothes- love the colors, style - will def visit the website.
    kind regards

  15. The clothes are sooooooo beautiful!!I would love a cow painting to:) Does she sell them? Elma

  16. So cute! I saw them at the show, but didn't look very close as I felt like I would look really bad in the clothes. Next time I will take a closer look.

  17. The clothing line is great . I love the all white look. I sure hope she goes online. I ran across that name once then lost it. So glad to read your post on Belle Blanc.

  18. The line of clothing is fabulous! I don't have that many feminine parts that I want to accentuate! I do think a few of those pieces would work though! Hope her line takes off and she becomes even more famous!

  19. Hola Isabel, I have completely fell in love with Leah´s clothing and would love to contact her, but her site is not available yet... where can I get her clothing?? could you help me??
    maria cecilia

  20. Isabel...what a great post...shoot! I would like to meet this "Leah" person your describing...LOL
    I'm soooo glad you posted the photo of Lisa and yourself....I LOVE seeing you in the clothes and hope they made you FEEL as good as you look....thank you for the wonderful post XOXOX

  21. I ADORE these clothes!!!! They are just beautiful!!


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