25 August 2010

Pineapple mango smoothie and Crab bruschetta with avocado

While we were exploring the winding streets of Venice, Italy, this summer, we came across a small juice and smoothie store... They were offering small samples of delicious sangria and fruit smoothies. My kids were instantly hooked...! Those fruit smoothies tasted like heaven, especially for our hot and tired bodies.... The next day we made the fifteen minute walk just to get some more of that heavenly nectar... We carefully studied the list of ingredients so we could try and reproduce them at home. Our favorite smoothie included mango, pineapple, lemon and mint!!!! D-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!!! Our recreation of the "Brioso" smoothie started with a small container of cut pineapple, a mango, the juice of half a lemon and about five or six mint leaves... Add a cup of ice and blend... Heavenly, I tell you!!!!

While we are talking food, here is another delicious experiment out of our kitchen that we all love.... One day, as I was having a major craving for crab, I decided to try and make some crab and avocado bruschettas... The mixture includes only crab meat, avocado, lemon juice and chopped cilantro (and a dash of salt).... The bread was brushed with olive oil, toasted in the oven and finally rubbed with a clove of garlic... You can add chopped tomato or red pepper, but I wanted to keep it simple... All I can say is I kept going back for more... Truly yummy!!


  1. Delicious sounding and looking....both of them! My sister and husband are expected tomorrow and I plan on trying these out on them! Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. I'm trying both of these -- yummy!!!

  3. Yum...that sounds wonderful Isabel!

  4. Oh my kids love mango smoothies and being in Italy drinking one I'll bet was amazing!, Can't wait to try this crab bruschetta it looks so yummy. I think I would keep going back too!

  5. Looks so delicious both the drink and the crab bruschetta. hugs Florence

  6. This looks amazing!
    I know what's for lunch tomorrow now. :-)

    Have a most wonderful day!

  7. Have never tasted the bruschetta with advocated. I'll have to try it. Here in Italy the bruschetta is made with sausage or ham, or tomato and mozzarella, or omelettes, or with all types of ortaggi.Bye Gilda
    P.S. excuse my bad English.

  8. What I want to know is why I wasn't invited over for a taste. I am definitely going to try the crab and avocado brushetta. Two of my favorite things!



  9. Crab + avocado = divine! And anything with cilantro hooks me.....
    That smoothie sounds like a perfect Labor Day treat for next weekend :D
    Thank you for the yummy ideas!!

  10. Oh I want to make both. The pictures are so pretty, looks like I could just bite into that bruschetta.


  11. Looks delicious. Both, smoothie and crab bruschetta. I'll try it this weekend. Since my kids love fruit smoothies, I think they will love this Pineapple Mango one too. Thanks for this great recipe, Isabel.

  12. Both sound Heavenly! I'll be picking up pineapple and mango at the market, I have bowls of lemons from the wedding
    centerpieces,looks like we'll be trying your Brioso Smoothie this weekend. Thanks for sharing, its always fun to try something new.

  13. These both look sooooo yummy!! So glad you shared this with all of us!! :) . . . liz


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