21 August 2010

Flea at the Land of Tarte with Barn House

 I was so thankful that my youngest daughter's soccer tournament's game today ended up being scheduled for mid-morning, as it allowed me to sneak out early for a (very) quick visit to Cindy's barn in Oregon City... She and the BH Boys were doing some fall cleaning of their own, and were offering their great "junk" at irresistible prices ...!!! All I can say is, I wish I had  had more time to pick, I could have spent the whole morning there! 

Cindy will be at the Barn House Fall Harvest sale on September 25th... Then, on October 30th and 31st, she will be hosting the most incredible art event, called ARTSY TARTESY, featuring some incredibly talented teachers... Imagine a weekend of inspiring art classes, great food and drinks, gifts and prizes, and private shopping at Cindy's barn... Can it get any better than this...?!!


  1. OH MY im so so Jealous, what great displaying of those peices, i see so so MUCh i want- LOVe that Large (Tarte)chalkboard.. LOVE IT..
    Just amazing.. wish i was there.
    Great Blog- so glad to be following such inspiration-

  2. What wonderful photographs, this market is a myth. Pity that we in Italy there is no such thing. We exist only antiques markets. Excuse my bad English. A hug Gilda

  3. Oh my ... exact sentiments ...

    I adore the boys and the queen of tart!!

    we're "stuck" here in the midwest ... boohoo

    p.s. this IS truly inspiration for my own fall event tho ..

    "shop the shed"
    see sidebar


  4. Isabel, They really should hire you as their official photographer! The images are wonderful. I truly felt like I was almost (almost) there looking at your photos. Love their style and love your eye for composition!

  5. WOW! Love the photos-thanks for taking and sharing, I just wanted to walk through this computer and go shopping!! How did you leave without a UHaul truck o' things following you home? ;))


  6. I want to shop here right now! :)

  7. I'm green with envy *wink*... but thank you so much for sharing the eye candy with those of us who could not be there at this amazing Flea... makes me want to go on a road trip *smiles*... so much great shopping, so little time!!!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. Your so lucky to live near such fun events. Thanks for sharing your photos

  9. Wish I could have come,but ran out of time. Looks like you saw some great things. Hugs to you. Florence

  10. I saw something I wanted in every photo. Your photo's are quite good....nice composition. We have nothing here is South Texas. No antique barns or shops to speak of. I am so sad.

  11. ~*~*Wow such lovely treasures!Thanks for the pictures..wish I could have been there!*~*Beautiful blog btw..Blessings,Rachel ~*~*

  12. I wish I could go there once in my life ! beautiful !

  13. All the photos are wonderful, can't wait to see what's next. Great displays!

  14. I really wish to visit Oregon! Thanks for share pictures


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