13 August 2010

From rug to bag... In minutes!!!!

A few months ago, I was at Ikea when I came across these very inexpensive rugs... As I examined them, my wheels started turning and I thought they would make great beach or market bags! At the same time, a couple of ladies approached the bin and one of them said to the other ... " These would be very easy to turn into bags!" I smiled and thought to myself... "Kindred spirits do think alike...!!!"
As soon as I got home, I started sewing and, in just a few minutes, finished a sweet bag that can be used for a multitude of purposes... I love the top fringe.... My next one will get a fun stencil!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Here is how I made it:

remove the tag with a seam ripper

fold the rug so the fringed edges are together... 
sew along both sides...
because of the thickness, I like to use a walking foot... If you don't have one, just loosen up the top tension...
make sure to use a strong needle (I used a needle for Jeans, size 90) 

open up one of the corners so the recently sewn seam lays in the center...

measure about 3 1/2" from the top and mark a cutting line with a pencil, then cut along the line (place a couple of pins so both layers stay together...

sew along the cut edge with a 1/2' seam allowance (open the seam to avoid bulkness)

repeat for the other corner...
the body of your bag is done!! Now, the handles...

cut two pieces of jute webbing 30" long...

pin one end of the jute webbing about 2" from the fringe edge and about 3" to 5" away from the side seam (depends on the size of the rug, I found that these Ikea rugs vary in dimensions!). Make sure to leave about 6" between both sides of the handles, so you can fit the bag comfortably on your shoulder...
Sew along the edge of the jute, then fold up and sew another seam on top. This is so your raw edge can be concealed.
I like to add one last seam close to the fringe edge...

repeat the process for the other side....

Voila, your bag is ready!!! Wasn't that simple?


  1. what a great little market bag indeed,
    Love the burlap handles to match
    this is a great DIY project, just wish that there was an ikea near by.

  2. Great idea .... I love that bag ! :o)

  3. Great idea! And so you.

  4. TOTALLY adorable!!!! What a creative girl you are! Love it :)


  5. just found your blog and thought I would say hi
    the bag idea is great, how I wish I could get over to one of your flea markets, wonderful.

  6. that is a truly awesome idea!


  7. Great idea, so practical for just about anything. Thanks for sharing. Hugs Florence

  8. Beautiful bag, so great idea!!!!
    maria cecilia

  9. Great job, thinking outside the box!

  10. Love the bag...especially since red is my favorite color. It just screems to be filled up with treasures!

  11. Wow, what a fantatic idea! The bag is great! Tamara :)

  12. I have that exact rug! What a great idea.

  13. Your bag turned out great! It's funny, do you ever think about how many times you say... I could make that, or this would make a great... My sister and I say it all of the time and now so do my kids! Love that! Thanks for the idea, Theresa

  14. A minute for you maybe, but for me...a lifetime. I am sewing challenged. I love when I get to see the wheels turning and a vision come to life. Great job!

  15. Hi Isabel...hoping to stop by at IKEA on my way home from the beach on Sunday. I love the rug...cute project! xo

  16. What a great idea!!! Thank you for sharing!

  17. Hi. I haven't been blogging much this summer, but trying to catch up. always have loved your blog, and glad to catch your rugtobag. What a great idea; thanks for sharing how. Think I have a few unused rugs on the closet shelf. thanks, carrell

  18. That turned out way too cute.

  19. Super!!! The bag is very nice!!
    Groet, Hennie

  20. Oh my gosh... how I wish I could sew!! Now are you gonna sell those, if so count me in!! Hugs, Janna

  21. Love Love Love! Great idea.
    Lisa of Lisa's Little House

  22. What a wonderful bag . you are a great artist with " doigt de fée "

  23. Ohhh I simply love that! so creative!! :D Have a sunny day!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

  24. This is great - went to Ikea and saw the rugs in blue stripe but the red is my favorite! Can you tell me your final measurement of the bag itself and the strap length?

    love your blog but don't always leave comments. :)



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