16 August 2010

Great fun at Clayson Farm!!!

I have always heard great reviews about the Clayson Farm Antiques Show in Yakima, WA, but had never made it there.... Until this weekend! Lisa and I made the eight hour round trip this last Saturday, and were very happy we did...!! The setting, in the gardens of Leslee's beautiful country home, is absolutely gorgeous! Not only was it fun to hunt for treasures, we got to see some of our favorite people there!!!

Loved visiting with my sweet friend Julie...

I bet you have never seen Joy without a smile on her face...

This picture just cracks me up...!!! Allow me to poke fun at these sweet friends o' mine (you know I love you guys!).... Lisa is doing her "let me get rid of my double chin" pose, Cindy, well, my guess is she is still thinking about that hot dog she wanted to eat earlier, and that handsome guy, Jermonne.... eh.... sorry, can't come up with anything other than.... I love that smile!!! Missing in action was Joe, who was happily snatching all the great stuff while we fools were socializing.... 

Here is a peek at some of the cool vintage finds that came home with me...

It is hard to see, but this child's chair is truly dainty!! Sweet!
I bought this drawer from Sue, a fellow lover of vintage wallpaper...

On our drive back, we stopped at an "estate sale" (the term was used loosely since it included mainly tools...)., and I found an old funnel, which I hope to repurpose as a hanging lamp, and the end of an old rake, which I thought would be great on the kitchen wall for hanging my aprons and tote bags!

P.S. I've had requests to show you how I made my rug-to-bag featured on the previous post, so I am adding a step-by-step tutorial to that post... For those of you who do not sew, I will be making some to sell soon, so keep posted... Have a great week!!


  1. Looks like a great time was had by all! Didn't look TOO hot there either,,or is that my imagination? LOL Wish I could have been there!


  2. what fun! i would have loved to be there - one of these days! darling photo of lisa, cindy, and the ever-darling J-man.

  3. Thank you, thank you for posting pictures of Clayson Farms! I soooo wanted to go but had another commentment. Well it looks like I have to put this on the calendar for next year. I'm off to Canton, TX for Labor Day weekend. In the past I had to take out stock in UPS! Only suitcase size tresures this year. Thanks again for taking me along through your blog.

  4. It was so nice to see you in Yakima! Joe, Cindy and I had an incredible time at the show. It's feels like home their, especially seeing so many of our friends! I will tell you what I was doing in the picture -- tilting my head to hide the face-bloat from all the beer I drank the night before and also sucking in my gut as much as I could from the beer and mexican dinner from the night before. Boy, the stories we have from this trip -- awesome!!

  5. Looks like so much fun. Wish I lived closer. I could definitely get myself into trouble!

  6. Oh, what fun! I didn't know ya'll were at the show. My mom and I headed over usual. Wasn't it a lovely day! I was happily surprised by all of the wonderfully shady trees!!!

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps The hotdogs were mama called me over from some gorgeous booth to split one with her.

  7. It looks like you had a great time! I always love to see all the picures. You found some great items too!

  8. Oh how I wanted to go, just wasn't in the cards for me this year. Thanks for sharing. Hugs Florence

  9. I sure saw some lovelies that I would like - especially the child's ironing board covered by a quilt. Wow! I would love to have that. The rake & funnel look great too.

  10. My that looks like an awesome show!! Thanks for the pictures and your treasures are super. Wish I could sew...guess I'll have to buy one of the bags. :>)

  11. Looks like you had a wonderful time and even found some treasures to boot. In one of the pictures I thought I saw my old kitchen table. My son has it now in his house back east.

  12. what fuN! Love, love the '76 flag! What a great find.

  13. What a great sale! There were so many nice things. I loved the little green shelves, the wood cupboard on the table top, and the childrens sling chairs, and so many other things. Looks like you got some really great items too, besides having so much fun with your friends. thanks for sharing, carrell

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  15. Looked like you had perfect weather and a really fun day with fabulous vintage and antique treasures!! Very creative, the old rake head as a hanging mechanism.....

  16. Wow! All these west coast shows look like so much fun. I've desperately wanted to attend the Barn House shows from the beginning but haven't been able to. And now you introduce me to yet another great one...Clayson Farms. Pure torture! Guess that's what I get for living on the other side of the US.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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