11 October 2008

Auntie Joy's Open House!!

Yesterday and today was my dear friend Joy's Open House... Joy's home becomes absolutely magical, her attention to detail is absolutely incredible and the results are simply amazing!! We always call Joy over to our homes when we need a mantel rearranged, or a room made-over, because she knows exactly how to translate our vision!!

Lisa and I went over yesterday to help, because not only does she open her beautiful home in this annual event, she also has an adorable store right in her front steps!! So, if you were not able to go there, come along with me, as I share some gorgeous pictures!! Sadly, the only thing I forgot to get was a picture of Joy...!!


  1. You are right! Joy does such a nice job decorating. Your pictures look great!

  2. Dearest Isabel,
    I can't thank you enough for helping, I was a little behind when you got there and as we say here in Silverton, "you really saved my bacon!!" Actually I'm probably the only one who ever says it!! But seriously I mean it, thank you !!
    Also you are sweet to say such glowing things about me, I think you are right about the details though, which is why I am always and I mean always the last one finished!!
    Hope its ok I'm going to copy your pics!!
    Thanks again

  3. OMG I am retarded,I cannot believe I missed this event. I need to check in for a MRI. It looks Fab,what a beautiful design and I am sure a great sell. Thanks for sharing the pic's I can't believe I spaced it.The spaces look yummy and I love the colors. Thanks Isabel for the tour. Happy Junken Trails.

  4. Wow, i would love to be there shopping! So many wonderful vintage things to look at. Your pictures were wonderful. stop by and visit my blog anytime.

  5. What a delightfully lovely home Joy has; thank you for sharing it with us!!

  6. Y'all are just having too much fun!
    Everything looks goood!

  7. Thanks for posting! What AWESOME pictures - her place is AMAZING!


  8. Oh my goodness~what fun!

    I am celebrating my 100th post by giving away a dressing table. Come take a peek.

  9. What a cute place! I added you to my link list, cause I like your blog!

  10. What a great home! Love it. Thanks so much for taking us along with you.
    xo Lidy

  11. AWESOME PICTURES!!!! Yours were much better then mine. I posted what I had on my blog then told people to look at your for great pictures!
    It was so fun to meet all of you, I really enjoyed myself and can't wait to see everyone again at the Barn House.

  12. tiffany ~ shabby scrapsOctober 20, 2008 at 9:33 AM

    I can't believe I missed this one!?!? Where was I?!?!?
    xoxo, Tiffany


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