28 October 2008

Portland Antiques Expo

This weekend I had a booth at the Portland Antiques Expo, and was set up right by my friends Joy and Maryann and her daughter Shannon. Sales weren't great, but we had tons of fun!! What a difference it makes when you have good friends by your side, especially since there are three full days of selling...!! Some of my pieces were bought by a japanese man who has a store in Tokyo... He buys tons of stuff, then has it shipped back in a big crate! I am sure his store is a great success, considering he comes to every Expo (and I heard he also goes to Texas...). We saw lots of good friends and missed some too!! My bones are still sore, but better yet, my cheeks are still hurting from all the smiling and laughing...!!!

My booth...

Lisa came over to help me set up!

Joy's booth...

Maryann and her daughter Shannon...

Twins Donna and Diana's gorgeous space...

Randy's eye candy booth...

Sue and Joe's adorable "shack"...

Karen and Corinne's cute booth...

As I was downloading my pictures, I realized I forgot to take pictures of Susan's awesome booth... So bummed!! All through the weekend I was able to find some cute things, which I will share in my next post. I hope you enjoyed the visit through my camera lens...!!!


  1. Your booth looks darling. You always have the best collections of unique items. I recovered the chair I got from you. I love it so much. Picture is on my blog. Thanks for always having what I need! My next project is that shopping cart I got from you.

  2. Hi!!!
    I saw you at expo...was gonna introduce myself (again...we met at Farm Chicks) were busy at the time..and i was gettin hungry so I kept on a goin!! But, you booth was beautiful as always!!!

  3. Pure heaven! Your booth was absolutely beautiful!

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time, everything looks great! I know what you mean about your cheeks hurting, I tend to do that, laugh and smile a lot when they let me out. There's always new people to meet! Karen

  5. Isabel,
    Thank you so much for the great "trip" through expo. I couldn't be there but thanks to you I feel I did get to visit....


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