31 October 2008

A Halloween dilemma...

My kids looooove Halloween...!! I have to admit, having been raised without knowing what Halloween was, it is really hard for me to get in the spirit of things... Even harder for me is to decorate for this season! The only time my mom brought out decorations (and not that many...) was for Christmas. But I do make an effort, for my kids!! I'll leave the dilemma for later (and it is not a decorating one, it has to do with costumes), now I would like to show you, as promised, some of the things I found at Expo:

Lisa found this doll for me... Love her dress!!

Couldn't resist this beautiful celluloid box...

I am always on the lookout for vintage fabric

How cute is this little sewing machine?

I was very excited to find this darling vintage christening coat... I almost didn't go look at the price, because I thought it would be too expensive for me, but when I saw a tag with $5.00, I couldn't pass!!!

Now, to the Halloween dilemma!! The other day my oldest daughter and I decided to go through my suitcases of vintage clothing to find a costume for a Halloween birthday party she is going to tonight... After trying out many different dresses, she narrowed it down to these three... Should she go as...

... a medieval princess

... a disco diva...

... or a german yodler?

I'll reveal tomorrow what she decided to go with (and what I wanted her to wear...!!). Have a great Halloween!!

Note: I received an email from a friend saying she couldn't leave a comment... Somehow my settings unintentionally got switched to allowing only members of the blog to leave comments (??!!!). I am so sorry, I have just fixed the problem!!


  1. Love all the awesome treasures you found! Thanks for sharing, I love seeing what people find! What a deal on the dress! Karen

  2. I just love your new banner Isabelle! It looks like you found some great treastures at the Expo!

  3. I fixed that link-sorry about that!


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