23 October 2008

Sneak Peek

Boy, life has been hectic, to say the least...! Not only am I doing the Portland Antiques Expo tomorrow through Sunday, but my daughters' gym is having their big Halloween themed meet/fundraiser this Saturday, and guess who is in charge on Decorations...!! Yes, that would be moi... Oh, and there are 4 soccer games this weekend, one of them in Bend (3 hours away) ... Yes, when it rains, it pours!!! It is a miracle I even had the energy to put together items for this weekend!! Every time I do these shows, I always feel so ill prepared, like I'm just throwing stuff together at the last minute and disapointed that I didn't get more done..!! In the meantime, laundry is piling and the kids have no matching socks!! I could do a post on the sock issue alone...!!!

I will be at the show with Joy and Marianne, and Lisa will be coming tomorrow to help set up. I know I will have lots of fun, but right now I just want to curl into a cocoon and hibernate!! For now, I will leave you with a sneak peek of a few items I remembered to take a picture of...!! I hope that you can stop by if you are in the area; we would love your visit!!


  1. I'll let my SIL know. Wish I could attend.

  2. When one puts all of herself in the things she does, even BUSY times are BLESSINGS. I can feel the blessing in your words. Enjoy every moment!xox Isabel

  3. that ottoman is fabulous!
    have a great time!
    xoxo, Tiffany

  4. Hey, my kids have learned, socks don't have to match as long as their feet are covered. Good luck this weekend. That bed is gorgeous.

  5. You have the cutest stuff! Hope you had a great show this weekend. I really wanted to go but The Hubs made me stay home and pick out stuff for our remodle. Darn it!
    Can't wait to see pictures.

  6. Love the ottoman and the totes!!!You're gonna sell out :)

  7. Oh those bags are divine!!! Hope the weekend was a success better yet.. hope you had tons o' fun!!!
    Love your blog!!

  8. Oh my gosh, GORGEOUS work, Isabel! How did it go? I thought of you and Joy and sent great wishes!


  9. Wow- your hecticness sounds like mine-especially about the wishing to get more done right before the big events. I just wrote about that 2 minutes ago on my blog. Maybe there's something in the air?!?! Love the purses, and other goodies. Lydia

    PS Have a great show!


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