06 October 2008

Joy for the heart and soul (and stomach!)

A while ago, I happened to come upon a guessing game on Corey Amaro's Tongue in Cheek blog. Corey is an american who married a frenchman and moved to France, and her daily blog is always a joy to read! As many others, I threw in my five cents, and, lo and behold, I won! Now, I didn't really guess what the item was, but I did win for the most creative answer!! I was absolutely flabergasted!! I'm usually one of those who always whines because "... I never win anything...!!". And especially from blog royalty like Corey...!!! What an honor!!

I received my little gift last week, and would like you to come along and unwrap it with me...!! Oh, the excitement!!

I love it!!! I love hearts, I've always been a true romantic... And just to know that it came from someone I admire so much makes it so extra special!!

Yesterday, Lisa and I went to a local flea market. We arrived quite early and started scouring for treasures! We always find some cool things... I fell in love with the old wicker lamps, and when the dealer gave me a great price, I knew I had to have them!! The large frame was a steal at only $5... I was also excited to find the darling little suitcase, and even more excited to see all those little bow ties inside!! My vintage finds also include an old tapestry, a silver teapot, vintage books and a darling medallion print! It was great fun!!

I also wanted to share about a blog I recently discovered... Chocolate and Zucchini is the creation of a young french gal named Clotilde. She has written several cookbooks (on my list to get!) and has great recipes on her blog!! Her fresh fig and rose smoothie is definitely on my list to try!! Check this blog out, I am sure you will love it!


  1. Congratulations Isabel for your win, the heart is beautiful! Love all your finds too. I had that exact teapot! I was looking for it the other day as I wanted a silver piece to use for a vase. When I couldn't find it, I think I remember selling it at a garage sale awhile ago...oops

  2. Home is where the heart is and yours holds it beautifully!
    Again Merci!

  3. I have that blog on my is fun to read even if I don't try the recipes. I do love Chocolate Zucchini bread!

  4. I love those wicker lamps and a girl can never have too many pretty frames!

    I found your blog today and it is lovely.


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