16 October 2008

Latest vintage finds

Monday Lisa and I went to Monticello to pull down our garden space... We were able to put most of our stuff in our booths, but some of it had to come home with us (that's the part we don't like!). I am doing the Expo Antiques Show next weekend, so at least most of it will be on its way out!! I found a few cute things while at Monticello, like this adorable set of little italian place card pots... I love the idea of filling those individual little pots with salt or something like that...

I was also delighted to find 3 adorable vintage celluloid album covers... Especially the one with the girl sitting and gazing into the air...!!! They were a great addition to my ever growing collection, as you can see!!

I was a busy bee, today, and got one project done!! Yeppee!! I had found this large hatbox, but felt it needed a little beautifying, so to my stash of vintage paper I went, and, with my new favorite spray glue in hand... Voila!! I love the way it turned out, and will be taking it to Expo.

This Saturday Lisa and I will be traveling to Battle Ground (WA) to see our sweet friends at the Barn House. They are, with Cindy Dockins from Tarte, putting a great "Gothic Harvest" show, and they promised to be in costume... You know what that means...!! It means I'm puttin' my camera in my purse right now!!


  1. I am so happy to have found your blog! I was clicking on "NEXT" at the top of Blogger and there you were. I love your collections. Today I was wondering if I was going overboard with some "vignettes" from my collectibles, but now I know there are others like me. I am going to put you on my blogroll, ok?

  2. OH good grief! Fire up the batteries too! Waaaahhhhh....I wanna go!
    Love those little pots....and have never seen any before!

  3. You are a busy bee! Love that celluloid cover with the girl in blue!
    I especially like how things get repurposed and are given a vintage look by your creative mind and hands. Lovely!

  4. LOVE THE HAT BOX!!!! Great idea.
    Thank you for the heads up on Barn House this weekend. I was going to bring my camera but FOR SURE I'm going to be putting in the exrta memory card! I can't wait to come down there.

  5. I am so jealous! The Barn Show was on my list of things to go to this fall and now I am watching my nephews! Definately take tons of pictures. I can't wait.

  6. I enjoyed visiting your blog ~ so many beautiful things to see.

    I like your hatbox.


  7. I too am a fan of Monticello,my last visit netted some vintage ribbon form that center booth as you go down the stairs. If you don't mind my asking which booths are yours? I would love to visit them on my next trip. TTFN roses in winter.

  8. Hello Isabel,
    Thank you for stopping by my one shabby old house. I have fallen in love with your collection of celluloid albums. I have 2 jewelry boxes. You can see one of them in my Rose Lake cottage Blog.
    It actually was my great great grandmothers so it is pretty special to me.
    You asked about where I got my duvet. It is from Rachael Ashwell and I got it from The Cat's Meow in Venice FL. I have been holding on to it for about 2 years now as we have been working on the house. So I don't know if you can still get it but Susie will know.
    She is a sweetie.
    Good luck and do stop by again.

  9. I just discovered your lovely blog.
    I will be back soon


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