15 September 2009

Coburg Antiques Fair

I have to say, first of all, that I feel a bit like Wonder Woman, after this weekend!!! Not only did Lisa and I do all the unloading and loading at Coburg, and set up by ourselves, I managed to drive this big old 22 feet trailer behind the truck, and even park it, unhook and hook it back up again!!! Despite taking us longer to get there due to a nasty accident on the freeway, complications with another dealer about where to park our trailer, and the constant threat of rain (and yes, it did rain, despite the assurance from the show's organizer that it wouldn't!), we managed to pull off a great show!!! It was so much fun to visit with people and even better to come home with an emptier trailer!! Here are some pictures of my space, with Lisa's right next to me!!

We love our location at the show!! We are at the corner of a crossroad, and all around us are some of our favorite people!! Here is Martha's Vintage Trifles space:

Diane's Molly Mo's booth...

... Sue from Bella Shabby...

... Tarte's very talented Cindy...

... and Auntie Joy's (always smiling!!)! I forgot to go take a picture of our friend Julie's adorable booth, from Kindred Roses...

I was able to sneak out for a little bit and find a few treasures!! I found most prices quite high, but all the items I bought were great bargains, with the most expensive item being the huge wallpaper box, for which I paid $30...

This Saturday I will have my last show of the summer!! I will be in Camas, WA for a street fair that promises to be great fun!!! Check out Laurie's blog for more information. I've had a very succesful summer season, but I am looking forward to spending more time at home working on some neglected projects, blog and visit bogs more often, and be able to make it to all the soccer games and gymnastics meets!!! Also , I will be working on getting that Etsy shop going!!! Stay tuned!


  1. This all looks so lovely, Isabel. I would have loved to have been there...

  2. I have to say that you two dress so ding dang CUTE!!!! I'd dress that way all the time if I could, but I think they'd frown on it at work.
    BTW, that little flowered suitcase thingie you pictured,,is that yours and is it for sale????

  3. I wish I was there. Thank you for sharing and teasing us Cali bloggettes. Rita

  4. Looks like tons of fun to me! Great job and great finds!

  5. Isabel -- so sorry to have missed Coburg this year. I was looking at your pictures and wondering why I love the dark wood chairs so much ... then looked up and saw the ones at my dining table. Enough alike to be family! If the Who Villa was bigger I'd seriously covet them! (and track down who bought them!)
    Hoping to make it to Camas and may see you there.
    Betty :)
    ps I have a giveaway right now ...

  6. Just soooo much eye candy.. I really do live in the wrong part of the country.. This show looks amazing.. I love all your pretty treasures also...

  7. Oooo! Some day, some day, I'll go to a show like this and I hope it's with a sweet lady like you! ☺

  8. WOW....WOW....WOW!! I could stay there for days on end! Chrissy

  9. Love the pink phone! How come you gals aren't doing our show?

    Linda & Dixie
    The Funky Junk Sisters

  10. Gorgeous booth! I soooo wish I lived on the west coast. It seems like there are some seriously great shows out there.

    Glad it was a success despite the rain.

    Kimberly :)

  11. Isabel,

    Looks like you had a good show. I'm glad to hear you will set up an Etsy shop too! I always see stuff that I maybe I'll get some of it..:0)

  12. Looks like alot of fun!! Your little pink phone I would have had to have got, LOVE it!! Hugs, Janna

  13. I was there! My Aunt was selling on Harrison St. It was so fun and next year I'll go again since now I live in Oregon!


  15. Isabel!!!!!!! It's so great to read your blog! Your space looked fabulous as always!! I wish I could have attended but I want to come to the Camas show!! It would be so great to see you again! Missed you girl! Vanna

  16. You are a Rock Star, Isabel. Driving that truck and pulling and manuevering the trailer. I am so proud of you. It was a great show and I'm so glad I could be there with you!



  17. Looks like so much enjoyment to be found there!!! You both are too cute.


  18. Wish I could have been there!!!!!!

    You and Lisa are quite the women!!!!

    Gayle from Stars

  19. OMG thanks for sharing all of these incredible pictures! Your space was stunningly beautiful...and that vintage crib/daybed is the best!!!

    :) T

  20. love the dresses and adore the pink phone -great displays...

  21. I just love your blog and your gorgeous gathering of vintage goodies. The displays are always fun to view, and give me ideas to use in my own home and antique mall booth.


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