08 September 2009

Small treasures

Buying smalls has never been my forte... Call it lack of confidence, call it ignorance, I just never felt very confident buying smalls! A piece of furniture, easy! Chairs, dressers, tables, no problem! But, when it came to smalls, I just was never sure if people would be interested in buying them... So, I have made it my mission to pay a closer attention to learning about what kind of smalls sell better, and start doing a better job filling my spaces with better vintage smalls!!! Especially now, with the challenges created by our economy, smalls are truly supporting our little businesses... I still feel like I am in training, and learning with my mistakes, but I would like to think I am making some progress... So, with that in mind, I paid closer attention to the little treasures on my last visits to the flea market and thrift stores. Here are some of my latest finds:

This old beaded purse is my favorite find, and I think I will have to keep it!!! The best part is that it only cost me ten dollars!!! So, do you think I did good with my smalls...??!!


  1. Lovely finds, Isabel! Love the pink bag and little shoes!
    You have such an eye for vintage treasures!;)

  2. You do have such a great eye, Isabel, even for smalls. Such wonderful finds and quite the variety.

  3. very good! I always look for the little things. I love tiny things so thats what catches my eye most the time anyways! love that pink vase! have a sweet day!

  4. i adore smalls. smalls are my forte. i have the opposite problem....i lack confidence when buying furniture. seems you have a forte for both!!! i adore your treasures....great and small. love the barkcloth bag, little book and pearls in bags. i would buy them all!! as always....your blog continues to inspire me. thanks for sharing.

  5. Maravillosas compras, todo es muy bonito. Pero el frutero y el bolsito me han enamorado

  6. You did excellent grasshopper! Everything you purchased continues the look you have created. It will all flow beautifully.
    Good smalls are getting harder and harder to find. I don't have a lot either because I am so darn picky, but you're right. Smalls go a long way towards paying the bills.
    P.S. Those white tins are wonderful as are the pink baby shoes!

  7. great finds, you certainly have the knack- I so enjoy your blog, thanks..

  8. You did a great job!! I wish I knew where you shop. I would love to know when you sell the garden quote as I collect things like that. You should feel very confident on searching for smalls.

  9. Big of small, you really have the eye for finding such beautiful things.. I love it all.. Those little baby shoes are just so precious..

  10. I think you did fabulous, and they fit perfectly with your "look". The little pink shoes and the floral purse are just so sweet. Everything just says "Isabel"!

  11. I think you did a wonderful job with smalls! :) I call them my tiny treasures and I actually look for them first and then look at the bigger stuff, I loved the bag with pearls..,I always pick those up and the pink bebe shoes..well..I love everything you found :) Rose

  12. Well Done You! I think you found some true treasures!
    Hugs, Lisa

  13. Great bag, I think I would keep it too.

    I hope you had an extra special day yesterday with your brown eyed girl.

  14. I think we might be sisters! I always felt underconfident buying smalls (and have 2 tubfuls to prove it), but now they're the only thing keeping me in the black. I tend to think of them as the extras you need to show off your furniture.

    At first, I bought indiscriminately, but started paying attention to what is consistently selling, so now it's easier.

    And you're right: I will make a decision on a piece of furniture in a heartbeat, and then waffle on a $2 small for 30 minutes. It's never easy!

  15. Hey Isabel,

    I love all your finds! You did a great job!

    I wanted to let you know that I posted about my trip to Monticello if you want to check it out!


  16. I love the picture with the angel and the children, I had one of those hanging in my room as a child.

  17. Hi Isabel, you did great, darling darling things, I think when you buy what you love you can't go wrong..... the courtship book is simply faboulous!!!

    Tracey C

  18. Good Job! I have an antique store in Montana and all of those items would sell here very well. Like some of the other comments, I am not comfortable yet with furniture, but it is the smalls paying the rent right now.

  19. Un vrai coup de coeur pour ce sac recouvert d'un joli tissu fleuri !

  20. You bet your cute buns I do!! Lol!! Girlfriend you couldn't do bad smalls if you tried! *winks* The two pictures of the french children made me sigh with envy! They're just dreamy! Vanna


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