06 September 2009

You, my brown eyed girl...

Today is my daughter Clara's 13th birthday... Clara is my (not so) mini me, she is my only brown eyed child, and she looks just like I did when I was her age!! She has a sweet, caring heart, she is always very empathetic and a good friend to all. I don't think there was a year in Elementary school where she didn't win an award for Citizenship, and has just recently been chosen by her middle school principal to be one of a handful of mentors at the elementary school... And she is a funny character, too!! She makes us laugh, and masters impressions like no one I have ever seen!!

When she was about three years old, she looked at a picture of our wedding (where my husband was wearing his dress blues) and said: "Mommy looks so pretty, with a pink dress, and pink shoes, and flowers in her head, and daddy.... Daddy is going to work!!"

A few years later, she cracked me up with this naive statement: "When I turn 18, I can do whatever I want... With your permission!"

Not only is she a wonderful person, she is a smart cookie (straight A student and a member of the National Junior Honor Society), and a great athlete! This last school year, she was the only seventh grader in her school (even among the boys) to meet all six presidential fitness standards!!!

Tuesday is the first day of school for her brother and sisters (she is the only one starting Wednesday), and I am looking forward to spending the day with her... I have a fun day planned for us! Happy birthday, sweetie, I love you so much and I am so proud of you!!!


  1. She looks so sweet, Isabel! Love the pic with sunglasses on!
    ... Happy birthday to Clara!!

  2. She is beautiful!
    Happy birthday to you Clara,enjoy your special day!
    Love Kristina X

  3. Happy birthday to your lovely daughter!

  4. Happy Birthday!
    This was a very sweet tribute!
    Hugs, Lisa

  5. Happy Sweet Birthday Clara, you look very grown up!!!!
    Enjoy the day together, I am sure it will divine!!!!
    Margaret B

  6. You have a beautiful daughter. Congratulations with all of her accomplishments, I say there is some good parenting going on. Happy Birthday Sweet Clara! Sandi

  7. Happy Birthday Clara! Love the tall hair!

  8. Such a Smart, beautiful young lady... I am sure you and your Husband are extremely proud of her. I hope your Sunday is full of joy.


  9. What a treasure Clara is. The hair "do" is my favorite picture. She is fortunate to have such good parents to guide her through life. Enjoy your spcial day together.

  10. Happy Birthday to your beautoufl Daughter, my Birthday was just yesterday!

    Have a great day,

  11. Happy Birthday, Clara! Thirteen, what an exciting be a teenager..I remember!! Although so long ago..haha

    Isabel, she is surely one to be proud's so nice to hear of the sweet caring disposition and the natural gift of mentoring.

    I'm proud just reading about her! Have a great together,

  12. She's precious! Happy Birthday to the name. The first photo cracks me up and the photo on the balance beam brought back memories of my old gymnastic days during High School. :)

  13. Everything you wrote about her could be said about you, so I guess she really is your "mini-me"!
    All that talent and beautiful to boot.
    You really put the "labor" in labor day with this post. Was it the holiday when she was born?
    Happy 13th birthday, Clara! Enjoy this one as you become a teenager!

  14. What great pictures!
    Happy Birthday to the pretty birthday girl!
    They grow too quickly, don't they!
    My daughter is soon two and a half and I think it's going to quickly1
    Have a nice week.

  15. You have a jewel in your sweet Clara!! You have every right to be proud of her!!

  16. Your daughter is such a beautiful girl.. I loved hearing all the wonderful things about her.. You must be a really proud mom.. My son won the citizenship award in school to.. That really says so much about them..

  17. Congratulations my dear, your daughter is a beautiful girl inside and out.
    You must be so proud of her. And she is after all a reflection of your skills as a mother my dear.

    Happy Birthday to your darling daughter!


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