30 July 2008

BARN HOUSE Flea Market - part deux!!

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, Lisa and I went to the most amazing flea market, hosted by Joe and Jermonne from the Barn House. We had a ton of fun and came back with some great treasures, which I will share later in this post! Enjoy the pictures!

Here is Lisa, Joy and moi!

I brought this gorgeous dresser home with me... (bought from sweet Natalie, from Sparrow)

J&J live in the most beautiful country home, decorated with incredible detail and right out of a magazine page!! I had shared some pictures a while ago, but I couldn't resist snapping a few more pictures!!

My favorite part of the house!!! Can you tell?!!

I came home with...

a couple of vintage pink ticking pillows...

... a large panel of of barkcloth...

... a darling barkcloth purse...

... a vintage slip, a candleholder with barbola detail, a piece of ticking, a musical jewelry box, a pillowcase and... my favorite find of the day, a handpainted fabric glove box! How adorable is it?!!!

28 July 2008

My little champion!!!

I just wanted to share with you how proud I am of my youngest daughter, Rita! She participated, this weekend, in the Oswego Nike Cup as a guest soccer player with a "sister" team (they were short and needed a few extra players) and the team ended up in first place!!! Out of the 18 goals scored by their team during the tournament, she alone scored 8!! She was just amazing to watch and we are very proud of her!!

She is wearing a white jersey in the first picture and she is third from left in the back row in the team's picture. Great job, Rita!!

I will be back tomorrow to post more about the Barn Sale flea market! I hope you'll come back...

27 July 2008

BARN HOUSE Flea Market - part one!!

Lisa and I excitedly took off early saturday morning to attend the Barn House flea market, hosted by the oh so amazing Joe and Jermonne!! We knew it would be a lot of fun and we were right! After we got lost for a little bit, we made it there and couldn't wait to browse through the booths full of lovely things!!

J&J live in Battle Ground, WA, in a most incredible property which includes the cosiest country home you will ever see, a great barn and lots of room for chicken, turkeys, goats, etc.!

It was fun to visit with some of our favorite people and to meet new friends!

Here is Cindy Dockins from Tarte in her lovely booth!

... Joy Bayer doing what she does best!

And Aleta Brown from Flourishes in her lovely space.

... Our friend Diane Kaser from Molly Mo's...

...and Lynn Gunderson's awesome space... but where is she?

In addition to some great shopping (I will share pictures of my finds in my next post), we were honored to be judges in the bake off and chilli cookoff between the vendors. Anything to eat some yummy food! The winner of the bake off was this delicious coconut and lime bar (we want the recipe!!), and J&J were the proud winners of the chilli cookoff! It was so good!! Please, if you are ever in the area, come and pay them a visit! Go to their blog for details of their upcoming events!!

24 July 2008

Cool estate finds, Monticello and a piece of my heart flying away....

Last friday I finally got out to do some garage sales, it seems like it has been so long since I have been out to shop sales, and I really had a great time!! Found a few estate sales, too, I usually don't like to do estate sales, because there is always too many people there, the prices are too high and most everything is sold by the time you get there, but these smaller estate sales were run by family members and most everything was so cheap!! I found 2 landscape paintings ($11 for both!), a cool aqua table, a darling pink doll cradle, a pretty vintage dress and robe, and lots of great vintage linens and embroidery pieces for next to nothing!!

I also made a well needed trip to Monticello, to work on our space, and this time I did not forget the camera!

On August 3rd I will be doing the Lake Oswego Antique Fair together with Joy, it's good that it is only a one day show, as I am still tired from Expo!! If you have a chance to come over, it is fun and the location is pretty cool, by the lake (not to mention the amazing french pastry shop a few steps away!!)!

Today I took Clara, my middle daughter, to the airport, as she was flying to California to attend gymnastics camp!! She will be gone through the end of next week, this is the longest I have ever been apart from her and I will miss her so!! I hope she has a great time!!

17 July 2008

The good news and the bad...

The Portland Expo is behind us, Lisa and I did really well (despite the heat!) and had a lot of fun meeting and revisiting with some great ladies (and some brave gents)!! I would love to show you pictures of our space, but unfortunately my new Canon Powershot that I had purchased for our trip was stolen from our booth overnight...! I was crushed! It seems like I've been learning some hard lessons, lately! Yesterday, I got a call from the City of Lake Oswego, to tell me that they had just received my application for their antique show August 3rd. "Just received?", I said. You see, the application was sent June 11th, two days before we went on vacation, with my check. According to the lady from Lake Oswego, the letter is postmarked July11th... It took one month for this letter to be postmarked!! Because of that, and because I missed the deadline, my spot was given away, but fortunately they had another to give me!! Where was this letter, I ask?

I do have pictures of some of the things I purchased, the nice thing about doing this show with someone is that you can take turns shopping!! Bad for the pocket, good for the soul!

I have a thing for these old dolls, she is in sad shape but has the sweetest face, I couldn't resist!! I absolutely love the pillow, it actually seems to be an old baby mattress, I will have a small bench built to fit! I always get vintage slips, if they are a good price! Just love the child's crinoline and the hats with velvet flowers were a steal at $5.00 each...!! The fabric behind them is actually a linen press, love the fabric! I bought a vintage military picture to create a place for my husband's military memorabilia and the box of vintage bottles were a deal I couldn't pass! The adorable hatbox is the tallest I have ever seen and will look great in my bedroom! I have a few more things to show you, but they are buried somewhere around here, so I will show you later. These last pictures are actually from a couple of old prints I bought at an old book store in Lisbon. This store also had a huge collection of original antique labels from which I purchased quite a few!

I will be going to Monticello with Lisa this afternoon, and hopefully will snap some pics of our space and of some items that didn't sell at Expo. Take care, everyone!

14 July 2008

Recipe for a portuguese SOPA

The portuguese sopas are an intricate and ever present part of our culture, no meal is ever complete unless there is a starter soup... I make portuguese soups very often, I find them unpretentiously simple and delicious!! I have decided to share with you, from time to time, some of my favorite soup recipes, and would love to get feedback from you if you ever try them!! These recipes do not come from a recipe book, rather they are my interpretation of the portuguese classics.

(garbanzo bean soup with spinach)

4 cans of garbanzo beans
2 medium potatos
1 medium onion
1 small bag of frozen chopped spinach (or use fresh if you can!)
1 vegetable bouillon (I use Knorr - chicken cube would be fine, also)
olive oil

Peel the potatos and onion and cut into large cubes, drain the garbanzo beans. Add these three ingredients to the pot and cover them with water. Add the bouillon cube and cook for about half an hour. Puree everything with a hand blender (if you don't have one, use a regular blender) and check the thickness of the soup. At this point I usually add water, the soup shouldn't be too thick, just have a creamy aspect to it. Add the spinach, bring back to a boil for an extra 5 minutes. A minute before finishing cooking, add 2 to 3 tablespoons of good extra virgin olive oil. Check for salt (the bouillon adds some saltiness to the dish) and enjoy!!

06 July 2008

Day trips and a visit to a flea market

While in Lisbon, we always try to squeeze in a few day trips to nearby historical locations. One of the locations is Belem, home to the portuguese President and where you will find some of the most amazing monuments to the Discoveries. We visited Torre de Belem last time we were in town, so this time we focused on the Mosteiro (monastery) dos Jeronimos and a traditional staple of this town, a famos pastry shop which specializes in "pasteis de Belem", a flaky pastry with a custard filling. They sell an average of 6,000 of these pastries a day...!!

We also took off, one day, along with my mom and sister, to Conimbriga, a place where Romans built a city more than two thousand years ago, and where they lived for nearly 500 years. There is not much left, but most divisions are still very well defined and the mosaic work is absolutely stunning!! Upon visiting the museum, it was incredible to see that, even then , the romans used many items that are very similar to our modern things, such as safety pins, combs, tweezers, etc!!

Close by was a small children's park called Portugal dos Pequenitos (Portugal for small kids), where you will find a multitude of small scale typically portuguese buidings that kids can go in and out of.

Before we came home, we stopped in Batalha, home to one of the most incredible monasteries you will ever see...!! The Mosteiro da Batalha was built in the 14th century by order of the reigning king and is now considered, by Unesco, as part of the world patrimony. It is the final resting place to many kings and queens and the architectural details are breathtaking!!

The weekend before leaving, I could not miss a visit to a weekly flea market called Feira da Ladra. It literally means (female) Thieves Fair, the name being based on the way this selling location was started. Now it is properly regulated and most sellers are legitimate!! Unlique Paris and London, you can truly find an incredible amount of bargains as many sellers are not aware of the true worth of their items. I won't even tell you how much I paid for most of my finds...!! All I can say is, I wish I had a crate I could just ship home, I would have come back with much, much more!!! The fair spreads out through different areas and even through the adjacent streets, and you really have to look through much junk to find your treasures, but I found most sellers very delightful and very eager to make a sale!

A seller off one of the streets had a small handwritten note which read "to the person who stole a Seiko watch last week, could you please do the favor of returning it." I found the naivete of this note really endearing... The last picture includes my finds for that day (please make sure to click on the picture for an up-close look), of which my favorites are the old set of alphabet stamps, the enamel salt box and the doll! When my husband saw all this, he asked how we were going to bring it home, and just with my look, he self appointed himself as official carrier (yes, we hand carried it home!!), or, as he says, official "donkey"!!

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