29 November 2010

The eternal dilemma... Keep or sell?

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday...!!! Ours was very low key, just the six of us, and we had a great time just playing, watching movies and pigging out!!! Sorry, there are no pictures of fancy decorations or even the delicious food (which was yummy!), just my kids goofing around...!

One of the best things that happened these past few days was finally getting my boxes from our trip to Portugal this summer (long story...)!! I uncovered some of my found treasures and now have to make a decision about wether to keep or sell them.... Oh, the temptation!

... these mirror-backed sconces would look great in my room...

... how sweet is this old film box..?!

... I do love Madeleines...

... I can picture this small bidet full of ice and drinks...

... love this tablecloth made of flour sacks...

... this old copper tray would look great in the kitchen with fruit and veggies in it...

... this old french book is full of pages with monograms...

 Well, at least there is one thing I don' t even have to wonder.... My portuguese tuna is going nowhere (but our bellies...)!!!

P.S. - I think, for now, I will keep those four at the top, too.....!!!

22 November 2010

Barn House Marketplace

Run, don't walk!!! My sweet friends Joe & Jermonne of Barn House fame have finally reopened their online store with absolutely beautiful  treasures!! Their farm chic style is undisputedly charming and the looks they create using vintage and vintage-inspired treasures are truly one of a kind and very sought after...!  I have shared with you many of the incredible BH events and you know how amazing they are... Now it's at your doorstep, just the click of a button away... You do not want to miss it!

P.S. See if you can find a reference to me in one of the item descriptions.... Hint: it has to do with my heritage.... These guys are too cute!!!!

17 November 2010

Mom's guest house

Last summer, when we visited my family in Portugal, I was able to see my mom's newly renovated guest house. We did not stay there, as her house was big enough for all of us... One of the reasons why my mom wanted to have a guest house in her back yard was so that her twin sister (who has lived alone for the past 20 years) would have a place to move into, as they get older.

You may know, from some of my previous posts (such as this one), that my mom loves white.... These photos were taken right after work was complete, so only the bare minimum accessories were in place.

Downstairs is a small hallway, a bedroom and a bathroom.

The stairs will eventually receive some live palm trees and other greenery... I love how the glass tiles let the light in

Upstairs is a large and open living area, complete with a fireplace and built-in shelves.

The kitchen is understated but functional.

I love this built in nook...

Ikea's Ektorp sofas with a granite grey slipcover are perfect for this space...

The breakfast nook has a retractable awning, so you can soak in the sunshine if you wish...

... And who wouldn't want to enjoy this view...??!!

14 November 2010

Objets trouvés

 (scored this beauty for only $5...!!)


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