31 October 2010

Sweet finds and a special request

You may remember my recent post about Atelier des Ours, and how much I adore her clothes, rich in layers and ruffles.... Sandrine contacted me to see if I can help her find props for the launch of her winter 2011 collection in New York!!! How exciting is it that she is bringing her fabulous designs here!!! She is looking to either borrow or rent two or three gorgeous vintage pieces of furniture to enhance her collection, which will be presented at the International Fashion Tradeshow at The Train, in New York, from February 19-21. Since I live on the west coast, I told her I would post a shout-out on my blog... So, if you or someone you know can help Sandrine with this, please let me know and I will forward you her contact, or look her up on her blog!!!! She will be very appreciative!!

 I do love to dress in a romantic look, and was so excited to find a sweet lace-lined jacket at Anthropologie, marked down from $118 to $29.95!!! And, most amazingly, it fit me!! I amusingly told the lady at the counter that you don't have to be skinny to find things that fit you, after all!!!  

Here are some other recent sweet finds...

this dress is to die for and will be added to my collection of vintage dresses adorning my bedroom armoire (and no, this one will definitely not fit me...!!)

25 October 2010

Ruffles & Rust

What an amazing show I had the privilege to attend... Timi and her crew have worked tirelessly to put together an incredible venue in the PNW, and the overwhelming attendance is a reflection of that!!! When I arrived and saw the talent and magic displayed, I knew this was going to be a memorable show... Everyone was so friendly, it truly was a pleasure to be a part of it!!! I will let the pictures speak for themselves...

Some snapshots of my booth...

... sweet little detail of my straight-from-France pantaloons (which I bought from Amy), they were quite the hit!!! Overall, the sale was very successful and I can't wait to go back next year!!!

18 October 2010

A find

I was thrilled to find this gorgeous old beauty this weekend.... It has the kind of old patina you cannot reproduce, layers of chippy paint and rusty knobs that make my heart sing...

This beauty (and many other treasures) will be traveling with me this weekend to Washington, as I will be a part of the Ruffles and Rust show in Monroe...!! Will I see you there?

12 October 2010

Guess what's coming to Portland...?!!!

One of my favorite stores!!! Every time I go home, I go crazy shopping at H&M (as you can see, from one of my previous posts....), and I have gotten my girls hooked on it, too!! So, during our trip to Seattle, this weekend, it was no surprise that the girls begged me for a detour to this store... We all came home with a little heavier luggage...

... can you believe this shirt cost less than $15?

... my favorite piece... and it's pink, of course...

In just a few months, I will be able to get in my car and drive to a brand new H&M store in Portland!!! Can't wait...!!!

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