30 January 2011

TARTE in Aurora ::: Grand Opening

 The much anticipated opening of my friend Cindy's dream store in the historic town of Aurora is taking place this weekend, and I wouldn't miss it for anything!! Yesterday, with french palmiers in hand, I excitedly headed her way...  Wow, the girl did it again!! The store is absolutely gorgeous, the entrance alone lures you in, and, once you go inside, the magic happens... The downstairs space is warm and inviting, an eclectic mix of traditional elements and modern touches, the attention to detail is immaculate and the splashes of color create a cheery, springtime feel... The space upstairs feels like a dreamy, serene bedroom loft, where whites and grays prevail... An inviting long farm table surrounded with chairs creates the ideal setting for classes or parties...
So... When can I move in...??!!! 


25 January 2011

MONTICELLO eye candy

I may be partial, but I still think Monticello is one of the best antique malls in the Pacific Northwest...! As I was fluffing up my space today (of which I took no pictures, go figure!), I couldn't help but be inspired by so many wonderful displays...

19 January 2011

Screen turned wardrobe

Last summer, I found a great screen for an even greater price, and made it mine right away... It was painted white, but I had plans to cover it with some beautiful vintage wallpaper I had been saving for just the right project. 

Once glued to the screen, I wanted to give the wallpaper a worn, faded look, so I brushed it with Ralph Lauren Sunfade Glaze (found at Miller Paint). I really love how it turned out!

Then, a few weeks back I came across a picture from an Anthropologie store, and I was smitten by an old screen repurposed as a clothes rack.... I realized I could do something similar with my screen! I had my husband cut a piece of curtain rod and attach metal hooks at the ends.

I love that I can use this as a portable wardrobe, at shows or even at home, and then put it away flat when not in use... And the screen can still be used as a screen!

If you don't have a screen, you could make your own, with old doors or even shutters.. Just make sure to use the kind of hardware that allows the doors to fold in both directions. And you can use just three panels, instead of four, like mine... It will just be smaller. Also, if I wish I can reverse it so the floral part is on the outside, depending on what side is viewed the most! This was a fun project and I hope it has inspired you to think outside the box!!

15 January 2011

A marriage of whites

So much to love about this French country home... I guess I would call it poetic country style... 

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