22 September 2012

Camas Antique Faire and Cottage

Thank you so much to those who emailed me worried about my long absence from the blog... A lot has been on my mind and unfortunately the blog took a second seat... My parents are getting a divorce after having been married for over 50 years (separated for a few...), my oldest daughter is a senior in high school this year and college plans are to be sorted, my middle daughter may be facing foot surgery, and I am looking for a full time job after being a stay-at-home mom for almost 18 years!

But, I still allow myself some time to play... Lisa and I headed on a gorgeous day to the Camas Antique Faire (which I have been a part of since the beginning, but did not participate in this year), a charming street show in downtown Camas, WA. 

We followed our visit to Camas with a stop at Cottage, a delightful store in Vancouver, owned by our friend Billie, who has an incredible eye for the most amazing treasures!! The curb appeal of this cottage is absolutely breathtaking!! Don't you want to move in right now?


  1. Oh, my dear. You DO have a lot on your "plate" - emotional and physical.

    The pictures are lovely. I'm curious to know hat the approximate dimensions of that bottom cabin are. Do you have any idea? It is charming!

    1. Thank you Rebecca!! I am sorry, I just took a picture of the cabinet, but wouldn't know where to find it again... It is gorgeous!

  2. That was a fun day! We need to plan more days like that. I know we could both use it.

  3. So glad to see a post from you (missed them!) - and I enjoyed seeing all of the photos! Is the store "Cottage" in Vancouver, Washington? I am so hoping to be able to come up there again sometime to visit my dear friend who lives in the area!
    I'm also glad you managed a little time to "play" with everything you have going on!

  4. I'm so happy that you have a wonderful friend like Lisa to be by your side. Sending prayers your way that your life's waves will slow down. xoxo

    P. S. ~ I seriously want to buy that little building!! It's adorable!!

  5. I wish you the best with all that you have going on! I love your photos always! karen....

  6. I wish you only the best at this time. Something always has to give and my blog is usually the first to give, but that's OK. It's still here waiting for us to return when ready. Take care...

  7. Dear Heart,

    My sincere condolences at the news of your parents' divorce. Divorce at any time is heartbreaking.
    It is a shattering of something dear. I send my prayers for you and your family to be surrounded with love.

  8. So sorry to hear all you have to endear right now, thinking of you with good wishes, be good to yourself..
    Colette x

  9. Sending you lots of love and light your way, lovely lady. Trouble always comes to pass never comes to stay. I has been my mantra for years when in troubled waters.

  10. Whoa! You do have alot going on! I'm glad you got to take a day just for some fun and shopping... and YES, i do want to move into that cottage right now!


  11. So sorry you are going through some rough time. Please give your mom some thoughts of hugs from me.
    I don't know the Cottage in Vancouver. Where is it located? This looks like a fun place to explore.

  12. I just love your pictures...I love when you blog...I hurry over here as soon as I see a new post...sorry for all the tough times you are having...sending good thoughts!

  13. Thank you for this great pictures, so nice items...regards jürgen

  14. Bonjour Isabel,
    je t'écris en français car je vois que tu as étudié au lycée français de Lisbonne alors que moi je parle anglais mais pas vraiment bien.
    Je suis arrivée sur ton blog par hasard et même si le rose n'est pas ma couleur favorite, je suis tombée sous le charme de ton univers.
    J'habite sur la Côte d'Azur, un vieux mas provençal et si tu vas sur pinterest tu verras quelques photos de mon salon.
    A bientôt
    Pat de verre

  15. Loved finding your pecious blog...
    and catching you on Pinterest.
    Enchanting here, loved looking around.
    God bless,
    Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings..
    Stop over when time allows...would love to have you.

  16. Wow, isn't it odd how sometimes in life everything stressful happens at once? I hope you're scheduling in time for fun! :)



  17. Isabel I'm so sorry you're having troubles....They do seem to come in threes don't they? *sighs* But it had to be nice for a change to experience the Camas show as a spectator? So much eye candy. And YES Cottage is adorable! Someone not only has fabulous taste in their stock, but also a VERY GREEN thumb! *winks* Vanna

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