30 March 2011

Random sweetness...

I have noticed that I have not been posting much, lately.... The truth is, there isn't much to share, really! The kids are back in school after spring break and I have been spring cleaning.... Getting rid of, donating, making a garage sale pile, trying to get a little organized... I did just turn 48 this past Monday, and we all took to the mountain for some fun in the snow. My sweet husband and children surprised me with these much coveted boots, and I truly love them!!!

I had a little fun today with my camera, looking for random sweet things around the house, these are things that tug at my heart...

I am hoping to start working on a few projects soon, I can't wait to share them with you!!!

26 March 2011

Loving big clocks and a DIY

I have been loving the look of big clocks on the wall and now I have my eye on finding or making one...

This is Maria's Roost clock, which I love...

And below is a creation by Andrea, from Faded Plains, which cost her less than $27!! I love it!! Click on this link to find out how she made it...

20 March 2011

A great find (or two...)

Recently I happened to stumble upon these chairs on Craigslist.... I loved the lines, the carving details and I loved even more the price.... I immediately emailed the person, and received a reply that someone was coming to pick the chairs up soon.... I pouted.... Then, the following day, I get a call (I always include my phone number in my emails, just in "cases" - sorry, I couldn't help using a favorite line from a favorite movie, "Love Actually"!!!). The chairs were mine!!

These chairs will be getting the "french" treatment, hopefully in time for Farm Chicks... Stay tuned!!

18 March 2011

For the love of Gymnastics

I was a gymnast, from the time I was five until I turned ten. I had actually started in ballet, but, just a few months in, the ballet teacher (a former ballerina) told my mom I wasn't gracious enough for ballet.... So my mom switched me to gymnastics, and I was hooked! I instantly loved the sport, and would probably have continued with it for a long, long time.... But, before I turned ten, my family moved to the suburbs of Lisbon, and my mom was about to deliver her 6th child... So the trips to the gym became a true burden, and I had to quit.... I was heartbroken! 

It wasn't until my own children started doing gymnastics that I tried to revive my memories in the gym... Surprisingly, I don't have that many... I remember my coach, but don't remember my teammates, except for one... I remember that my favorite thing was tumbling (does Flick-Flack ring a bell to anyone? It's called a Back-Handspring, now...), and I remember broken pieces of doing a meet.... I remember riding in the back of my mom's mini cooper on the way to the gym all the while doing a head-stand....

When I asked my mom if she had any pictures of me doing gymnastics, I was surprised to find out that there were none... Not a single one! So, I made a commitment to document my girls evolution in their beloved sport... Do you know how hard it is to take action pictures in a poorly lighted gym? It is a true challenge for me! I even took a photography class for that purpose, and I still can't do it!!!

So, I will leave it to the professionals...!!! Yes, we do have to pay a hefty fee for the photos, but, boy, are they ever worth it!! Here are some of my latest favorites from my daughter Clara, who is a level 7 gymnast...

And, this last picture is one of my all-time favorites from my daughter Rita's time as a gymnast... Looking at it is bittersweet for me, as she had to quit gymnastics (ironically, at age ten...) to pursue competitive soccer at a higher level...


Yes, there is no shortage of pictures in my own "mom's bragging album"...!!!! I know, one day, my girls will appreciate it...!!

10 March 2011

Ruffles & Rust Square and my latest {objets trouvés}

This weekend I had the immense pleasure of visiting Ruffles & Rust Square in Snohomish, WA... Timi and Annie have done an incredible job gathering some very talented dealers, and this new space is an absolute dream!! 

I did find an absolutely gorgeous rose watercolor painting (which you will see below)... Here are some of my latest vintage finds:

Sweet little concrete statue... I love the detail on the back!

... Another darling pink toolbox...

... Sweet old basket with wood base...

... Old book and old box camera...

... Gorgeous chandelier...

... Darling little child's rack...

... And that fabulous painting I found at R&R Square... The best part? It only cost $28...!!!

Finally, one of my favorite finds this weekend... An old, heavy scale!

08 March 2011

Dream Girls Weekend ~ The Sequel

Last friday Lisa and I headed north for a dream weekend with our dream girls (you may remember this post from last year).... Our first Dream Girls Weekend had been so truly inebriating and invigorating, we knew we were in for an absolutely awesome weekend and were incredibly giddy and excited!! I couldn't wait to see some of my favorite people in the whole wide world, and to have them all under one roof... Well... It doesn't get any better than that!!!!

The night started with a hillbilly themed dinner, and our sweet hostess, Tiffany, totally wore the part!!

May I draw your attention to the piece of toilet paper coming out of Joy's dress...? Nice touch!

Linda, Lisa, Kim and (sorry, forgot name..)

"Don't do it, Jeanne....! Oh, what the heck, go ahead!!!"

Saturday morning we headed to a gorgeous barn just a few miles away, where we took a class with Terri Brush and learned how to make a soldered birdcage...

{major truck envy...}

{my creation}

Thank you so much, Tiffany, for opening your home and your heart to us, I truly had the time of my life and appreciate your kindness and friendship more than I could ever say... And to all of you, my sweet friends (you know who you are....), I love you all so, so, SO very much and can't wait to see you again soon!! 

I will be back soon with pictures of the new Snohomish store Ruffles and Rust Square (what a treat that was!!) and a sharing of my latest vintage finds! Come back, will you?
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