28 August 2008

Oregon City and a new friend (or two)!!

Last Sunday Lisa and I were vendors at the Oregon City Street Fair. The day was perfect (it did start to rain when we were loading up...), even though we didn't sell as much as we wanted!! It was fun to see good friends, and meet new ones! Joy was set up next to us, and Sue had her booth a few spaces up... Of course two of my favorite people, Margot and Karen, were there too and I bought the coolest vintage funeral basket with barbola detail from them! I loved seeing Joe walking around with his hands full of treasures, and was very happy to see Natalie and her sweet husband! Allie (and her cutie pie daughter) and Carrie, from Adorn, were there too! Randy, from Madison Park, was my first customer of the day, and Corinne and Karen, from Second Childhood Girlfriends, were finding some adorable things for their booth at Monticello. Joyce and Kelly, from Monticello, were also scouring the fair for some great vintage finds!! Kelly told me that her husband, upon looking at our space, ran to her and said "You have to come and look at this space, I thing you should have them at Monticello..." Of course she had to chuckle, when she informed him we already were...!!!

It was a great day to see all our good friends, but I have to say, the highlight of the day was meeting Christine LeFever!! Lisa and I had visited her blog before and were so excited to meet her.... We were absolutely stunned and excited when Christine invited us over for a drink after the show!! We knew we couldn't pass this opportunity to spent some time with someone we admire so much!! Not only is Christine an amazingly talented artist, she is a cool chick, too!!! We had so much fun sitting around her kitchen table just talking, munching and drinking, and touring her beautiful victorian home!! Chistine's husband, Greg, was absolutely delightful and someone I would definitely love to sit around with and talk, as he is a bottomless well of knowledge!! I definitely hope to see them again soon!

I did manage to find a few cool things! Here is the basket I mentioned above, isn't it gorgeous?!! The price was great, too!!

I have recently started collecting old celluloid boxes, and was very excited to find this beautiful one!!

I love these old clocks with roses and cherubs, and have quite a few!!

Lisa spotted this french market basket for me and I couldn't say no!!

We will be selling at Coburg on September 7th (our last show of the summer!!), it is a great show and I hope to see many of you there!!! You are sure to find some great treasures!!

25 August 2008

Fearless at five...

Yep...!! This is what happens when you have an active, adventurous, fearless 5 year old son who decides to do a backward stunt on a scooter!! One of the neighborhood kids came running to me saying "Alex wiped out!!". As you know, my english is pretty decent, but I still struggle, occasionally, with foreign terms...!! So, I couldn't figure out what he meant until I saw my bloody son walking towards me... I felt so bad for him!! He sure does get back on the horse right away, though... A few minutes later he was riding his bike with his feet up in the air and holding the handles with just one hand...!!

21 August 2008

Molly Mo's Antique Fair

This last Saturday I was a vendor at Molly Mo's Antique Fair. The setting was the gorgeous home of our host, Diane Kaser (oh, how I envy her place!!!). Her little shop, which I, of course, forgot to take pictures of, is simply delightful! Temperatures soared up to the 100's and we were all pretty hot but having a great time!! Enjoy the pictures!

Joy, already smiling at sunrise!!

Sue and Joe, from Bella Shabby

Marianne, our host Diane and her daughter Molly

My humble space (I only took what would fit in the truck...!)

Martha, from Vintage Trifles

Unfortunately, I ran out of space in my card for more pictures... I wanted to feature some other delightful vendors that were there!! This sunday, Lisa and I are doing the Oregon City street fair. I have to admit I am loosing steam, as it has been a busy summer with shows, but we always have fun doing this show, so hopefully this will be a fun day!

15 August 2008

Latest finds and off to Molly Mo's

Thank you so much for your sweet comments about my lampshades, I would love to create a tutorial for all of you, if I ever get my act together...!! I forgot to show you a picture of a lamp I created for Farm Chicks, featuring a silver teapot lamp paired with a teaspoon and ribbon lampshade. I am working on a similar lampshade, this time for a floor lamp. I'll keep you posted!!

I wanted to share with you some of my latest finds, I couldn't pass this adorable floral slipper chair, stains and all!! I also bought a couple of framed ladies prints for my ever growing collection, and the vintage sewing box (full to the brim with trims and threads) was a bargain at $10!

Finally, I love the robin's egg blue bed lamp, and the two celluloid photo albums were a steal!!

Tomorrow, I will be selling at Molly Mo's (Diane Kaser) in Sublimity. I am very ill prepared, as I have been drowning in soccer tournaments and practices lately, but I figured I'll just sweep up all the inventory scattered around (dust bunnies and all!!) and take it!! I hope you can come and visit us!!

11 August 2008

Lampshades, lampshades, lampshades!!

A couple of weeks ago, I taught a class on fabric covered lampshades. Karen and Corinne, from GIRLFRIENDS (our neighbors at Monticello), had asked me to come over and guide them through the process. Their friend Jeanne came over, too, and we spent a few hours working on covering store bought lampshades. I've been covering lampshades for a while, now, and have them scattered all over the house. I consider myself a lamp and lampshade fanatic, I have a ton of them in my garage, more than I will ever need!!

We had a good time and I love the results (and hope they love it too...)!!

I thought I would share pictures of some of the covered lampshades I have in my house...

Lately, I have been departing from the fabric covered lampshades I have been making for a few years and have decided to try some new things. This lampshade shows layers of lace simply glued to a regular lampshade, I love the romantic softness of it!! A little pink ribbon at the top finishes the look!

In my daughters bedroom, store bought shades are covered in fabric wedding petals ( I just used my trusty glue gun...)

A wall sconce showcases a vintage wallpaper shade... I found these wallpapered cones but really didn't know what to do with them, until I decided to place them on top of existing shades!! You could make your own, just by covering cardstock with your favorite wallpaper and place on top of an existing shade! Just make sure you have a low voltage lightbulb or one of those bulbs that do not get hot...

Why not try a doll petticoat on top of a small lampshade? That is exactly what I did here, and then used a small flower ring as a finishing touch!! Love it! Or try a crinoline on a floor lampshade for a fun twist! I hope I have inspired you to try something on your own, I am sure you will have as much fun as I do!!

06 August 2008

Lake Oswego Antiques Fair

Joy and I participated, this last Sunday, in the Lake Oswego Antiques Fair! This is our second year being part of this event, the location by the lake is simply gorgeous and we had a lot of fun visiting with other vendors!! Having Joy there really brightened up my day, she is definitely a Tigger, not an Eeyore...!!! In the picture, I am wearing a $3.00 hat I found in Suzie's Vintage booth!! Here are some pictures of my booth...

... Joy setting up her space...

... Julie from The Whithies...

... Margot and her daughter Karen... I love them to pieces!! I literally drooled over Margot's decoupaged dress form. Isn't it simply divine?

... The girls from ADORN, Carrie, Beckie and Allie...

... yeah, even the most JOYful people in the world need a little break, here and there...!!!

Here are some of the treasures I brought home with me. This huge hooked rug bought from Margot , a couple of vintage barkcloth panels and an adorable vintage box made of Mother's Day cards. I also bought the most incredible old bed from Joy, but I forgot to take a picture, so I will share it next time!!

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