28 September 2009

Famous friends and adorable things

I was so excited to read an article called "Ringmasters of the barn sales" this weekend on The Oregonian about my friends Cindy, Joe and Jermonne and Linda!!! It is beautifully written and it truly captures the feel we all experience in this extended family of ours!!

I didn't make it to Cindy's barn on Saturday (I needed to spend time with the family and see my children play soccer, as I had been so busy the previous weekends...), but as I was leaving the barn on Friday evening, my friend Diana from Annie, Fannie and Abigail offered me such a great deal on some of their treasures, I could not resist!!

This beautiful barkcloth covered trunk resides in my home, now!

You know I loooove old dresses, and these treasures were irresistible!!!

And, to top it off, my good friend Jeana dropped by last week to give me this... I was so excited!!! I have the best friends!!! Thank you so much, Jeana!!!!

I couldn't resist ending this post with a photo of my daughter Rita's cute hair-do... She went to a friend's house for a sleepover and her friend's mom sent her home the next day looking gorgeous!!! Rita even wore it to her soccer game! Love it! Have a wonderful week!

26 September 2009

Tarte's Boutique Flea

Yesterday afternoon I stopped by Cindy's barn to see how preparations were going for the Tarte Boutique Flea and to lend a helping hand... Once again I was blown away with how absolutely breathtaking everything looked!! This wonderful event, taking place today, promises to be an unforgettable affair, as it includes the presence of some incredible guests, including Annie, Fannie and Abigail, Barn House, Curtis, Erin (with her beautiful flowers), Manor Bourne, Owl Roost Ranch, Pink Trinkets, Vintage Trifles and the Withies. Here is just a little tease at all the beautiful things you will find there... Run, don't walk, you do not want to miss this!!!

24 September 2009

Sole Meuniere

Most kids' favorite foods include pizza, maccaroni and cheese or spaghetti... When I was a child, my all-time hands down favorite meal to eat was... Sole Meuniere!!! It was truly a happy day for me when we would go out to dinner and the menu included it... I still remember one day, when I was about 7 or 8 years old, we were all out at a restaurant for lunch, and I devoured my sole meuniere, but was still hungry... We all had dessert, and before my dad asked for the check, he said: "does anyone want anything else?" I replied... "can I have another sole meuniere?". I didn't get my second sole, but everyone got a good laugh!!!

When I went to see "Julie and Julia", my heart skipped a beat when I saw Julia eating my favorite childhood food shortly after her arrival in France...!!! I decided to recreate those childhood flavors and hopefully turn my own children into followers.... As it just happens, my local Costco sells packages of sole fillets (about 15 for around $12! Not bad!). I rushed home and cooked them for my family... They were a hit and my kids kept coming back for more! Here is how simple they are to cook:

Pat the fillets dry and season them with salt and pepper...

... Coat them with flour and slap to remove the excess flour.

In the meantime, melt about 3 tablespoons of butter. As soon as the butter stops foaming, add a few fillets (do not overcrowd the pan, they need to cook in a single layer). Cook for about 3 to 5 minutes - depends on the thickness of the fish -, turn and cook on the other side, until they are light brown.

When they are ready, drizzle some of the leftover butter on top, squeeze some lemon juice over them, and if you wish add some chopped parsley. Tastes great with steamed or boiled potatos and vegetables!!! Give it a try, it is absolutely delicious, and so simple to prepare!!!

21 September 2009

Camas Street Faire

Well, the weatherman was right, this time! Saturday morning the rain started just as we had begun unloading, at about 6 in the morning, and it didn't stop well into early afternoon!! It was a true challenge, all my merchandise kept getting wet, even with a canopy (I forgot to take the plastic wallls with me!!!), I was soaking wet and cold and only a few brave people ventured out to shop in the rain!! I was trying to stay upbeat, but all I could think of was a nice warm bath!!!! But being surrounded with great friends made it all worthwhile, and the few customers we had were absolutely the sweetest!!! I even had a very sweet lady offer to take my soaking wet jacket home to dry in her drying machine...!!!

I had the chance to look around, including a visit to the Camas Antique Mall, and found some great stuff!!!

Love the darling baby brag book!!

This pair of vintage barkcloth panels is absolutely adorable!

I've been looking for a little box to store my mini Moo cards and was thrilled to find this one! It even has a velvet lining...!

Love this sweet pale pink basket...

I was so excited to find a set of white vintage enamel canisters on sale for $15...

... But my favorite purchase(s) of the day were these two antique oil paintings!! Carolee, we are true kindred spirits, I just love your stuff and love the fact that your prices are so affordable!!! They were both painted by the same person, in 1906 and 1902, respectively. I don't know, they may just be one of my all time favorite finds to date!!

20 September 2009

Walk for the cure

What's better than spending a beautiful Sunday morning on a wonderful, energetic, fun walk with my three favorite girls? To spend a beautiful Sunday morning on a wonderful, energetic, fun walk with my three favorite girls and do our little part to help find a cure for breast cancer, together with thousands and thousands of like minded people!! Even though my car broke down on the freeway (yet again!!!!) on the way there, we made it downtown Portland with the rescue of my sweet husband, hooked up with my friend Thea and her cutie pie daughter Isabelle (how did I forget to take a picture?!) and we all had a blast!! Witnessing the sea of pink survivor shirts was a testament to the human courage, perseverance and strength, and was truly inspirational. We have all been touched, one way or another, by this disease (my aunt died of breast cancer), so it is very important that we all come together to hope for a cure!!! And having my girls there with me was priceless!!! Who knows, maybe they are the cure!

18 September 2009

Latest finds and off to Camas!!

My last show of the summer is tomorrow, and I have to admit my energy is fading... I have been struggling to get things done, and still have quite a bit to do before taking off tomorrow at 5:00 am!! Still, I was able to sneak out and visit a couple of garage sales, and here are some of my finds:

... These are little candy dishes!

If you have a chance, come and see me in Camas, tomorrow, and please pray that it won't rain too much!!!

I leave you with something that is sure to bring a smile to your face, I know it did to mine!!!

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