29 May 2009

Pink Favorites for Pink Saturday

This is only my fourth Pink Saturday post, but Beverly from How Sweet The Sound has been hosting Pink Saturday for a year!! Congratulations, Beverly, and thank you so much for hosting such a fun event!! Even though I am crazy busy, I couldn't pass being a part of this special anniversary!! I had a little fun making some darling mosaics with all my pink favorites, and I hope you will enjoy them too!!! Have a wonderful day!!

Antiques apprentice

(With Farm Chicks only a week away, I am frantically trying to finish some projects, so I am reposting some old posts.... I hope you don't mind!!)

I can say I am a late bloomer when it comes to antiques and vintage stuff... When I was growing up, my mom always bought everything new, and I am sure she would be absolutely horrified if she knew I actually pay money for chippy old furniture...!! Only recently do I remember my mom actually starting to enjoy going to antique sales and flea markets, so we always try to do that when I am visiting in Lisbon...!!

After I got married and moved to the US, I struggled with finding a style, and ended up falling into the "american country" trend, I thought that was the right thing to do... We moved to London when Anna was two and Clara was only 10 months old. I really did not appreciate antiques back then, and really wish I could "redo" our stay knowing what I know now and loving what I love now!! Oh, the eiderdowns I would have collected, or the barbola mirrors I would have hunted... I kick myself when I think that I only made it to Portobello Road twice, and came back with a bread knife and a little vintage child's dress...

Our stay in London was followed by a couple of years in Morocco, where I gathered an impressive amount of rugs and occasional furniture (which is, at this point gathering dust in the garage since I don't really have a place to display it...). After spending three years overseas, and having left all our furniture in storage, it was quite an interesting feeling unpacking all our "old" items and realizing I actually didn't like them anymore!! I felt like I had outgrown most of our stuff...

It wasn't until we purchased our first home, a couple of years later, that I started finding myself... I had discovered Rachel Ashwell's shabby chic decor, and BAM, fell in love!! But I really didn't know how to go about it, so I started buying all these reproductions that had the shabby look...! Slowly, I realized that I could actually find the real deal for not so much money, and sarted becoming a more savvy and selective buyer. At that same time, I began selling items at a local antique mall with my friend Lisa (we barely knew each other when we got started, but we knew we liked the same things, so we decided to jump right in!!). Now, I feel this insatiable thirst for antiques and vintage, and I want to learn as much as I can!!

I have so many things around my home that I love, but there are only a few that hold a very special place in my heart , and I would like to share them with you.

This doll was given to me by my paternal grandmother, just a few years before she died. I wish I had asked her more about the doll, as I really don't know anything about it!! My paternal grandfather was a german salesman who ended up leaving Germany and settling in Lisbon in the early 1930's, when things were starting to look ugly for the jewish people. My grandparents traveled a lot around Europe, so I'm pretty sure it was purchased in one of their travels.

Another special item I am proud to own is a very old map of Portugal, believed to have been drawn in the 17th century!! The real interesting thing about it is that Portugal is drawn laying on it's side, with north to the right and west on top...!!! The amount of information already known in the 1600's blows me away!

The large travelling trunk belonged to my great aunt and was the one thing I chose when allowed to pick one thing from her estate.

The large old bobbin cabinet used to belong to my friend Jeanne, I had always admired it, so one day she offered to trade it for a Singer Featherweight, and so it became mine...!!

And the collection of pin money banks was one of the first collections I started shortly after we bought our home six years ago!! The majority was found on ebay, and they all sit on a chippy corner cabinet in my bedroom!

I am excited for the road ahead, and can't wait to see what more special things will be added to my adventures in antiquing!!

25 May 2009

Latest vintage finds and makeovers

You may remember this darling chippy table that I posted about recently.... I found a home for it in the living room and love how it looks there!!!

With Farm Chicks quickly approaching, I have been trying to finish some projects I've had in the back burner for a while... I painted and recovered this darling chair, using a piece of vintage barkcloth, and I am really digging it!!!

I also finished sewing this adorable barkcloth pillow... Great for a bed, chair or porch swing!

I found this full size metal bed at a church rummage sale, and saw some potential... After a good coat of paint, I measured the middle part, cut a piece of poster board to size and covered it with some batting and vintage fabric... It was then glued to the middle recessed area... What a transformation!! I have to say this is one of my favorite makeovers to date!!

I have also been doing a little shopping... This Saturday I attended Cindy's barn sale (from Tarte) and came home with this super cute cart! I may just have to make a fabric liner for it (wouldn't it be great to store packing supplies at shows....?).

As I was driving home I saw a sign for an estate sale, there wasn't much left but this chair had to come home with me!!

I also found this cute dresser at a garage sale... The best part? It's ready to go, including the darling glass pulls!!

Here are some other cool things I found at Monticello while fluffing up my space...

Finally, here is the darling bed I talked about in a previous post! It is ready for a coat of paint and some antiquing, hopefully I will be able to paint it tomorrow! I will make sure to share the final results with you!!

Have you had the chance to look at the new issue of "Where Women Create"? Oh my goodness, I am just in awe of everyone's creative homes, but when I turned the page and saw the home of Candy Moger, my heart skipped a few beats, my mouth started drooling and I almost hiperventilated!! It is truly vintage wallpaper paradise!! She has a pile of vintage hatboxes from floor to ceiling!!!! How inspirational!!!!

I know many of you live far away and it must be hard for us to talk about magazines and things you can't get, so I wanted to tell you that if you ever see something you are just dying to have, I would be more than happy to get it for you (I would just have you send me the money via Paypal)!!

I did not want to end this post without giving a huge thanks to Jennifer from Barking Dogs , who was so kind to give me the KREATIV BLOGGER award! I am very honored and excited!!! Thank you so much, Jennifer!!! I am asked to list seven things I love, so here it goes:

1~ My four children!! They are my greatest joy and accomplishment!! Anna is a smart and responsible girl with better cleaning and organizational skills than me; Clara is a sweet and caring girl (and my little forgetful child...) who makes us laugh with her impersonations; Rita is a ball of fire, always very passionate about her endeavours, with an incredible love for animals (no, we can't get a puppy!); and Alex, well, if you have read this blog for a while you know what this six year old has put us through in his short little life!! He has an incredible sense of adventure and keeps our lives exciting!

2 ~ My sweet husband!! Mark is truly the love of my life!! He is a very hardworking man, a wonderful father and an extremely patient and tolerant husband!! He still treats me like a princess and I am so lucky to have him!

3 ~ Chocolate!! It is my biggest addiction, I get withdrawals if I don't eat chocolate at least every other day...

4 ~ Fabric! My closest friends can attest that I have enough fabric to open a store... Some people collect stamps, I prefer fabric!!!

5 ~ Vintage treasures! There is nothing like the feeling I get from finding a beautiful vintage wallpaper hatbox, a piece of barkcloth, a sweet piece of crochet trim, an old mirror, a chippy old table, a rose painting, a ....

6 ~ Travel! I have been blessed in my life with the chance to visit many wonderful places, from the time I was very little...!! If I had the time and money, I would travel all the time!!! I am trying to pass onto my children the love of traveling!

7 ~ Last, but definitely not least, my friends!! They truly are the wind beneath my wings... There is no better feeling than to know that they accept you as you are, love you unconditionally and will do anything for you!! And when I say friends, I am including you, all my sweet blogging friends!! Blogland has allowed me to reach places and know wonderful people I would not have otherwise, and I am having a ball!!


... The flame never stops burning...

(Monument to the Unknown Soldier in the Batalha Monastery, Portugal)

22 May 2009

Still crazy after all these years....

... Crazy for pink, that is!!! The other day I was browsing through some old photographs and came across this picture of me taken about 24 years ago... I couldn't resist posting it for Pink Saturday (I know, a little early...), hosted by Beverly. As you can see, my love of pink goes a long way back!!! From the pink Ray-Ban glasses (do they still have those?) all the way to the white tennis shoes with pink trim, I was ready to spread the pink love to the world...!!! This photo was taken in Cascais, Portugal in 1985 or 86, shortly after I graduated from college... I haven't changed a bit, have I??!!

I love pink so much I even got married in pink and wore pink roses in my hair. To this day my husband always buys me pink roses for our anniversary.... Have a wonderful Pink Saturday!!

20 May 2009

Maison Douce Summer Shows

This will be yet another busy summer for me... I have 5 shows scheduled from June through September, four of which will be together with Lisa under our business venture Tickled Pink! I have been hard at work gathering treasures, sewing vintage inspired creations and making over wonderful pieces of furniture! One of my favorite parts of doing these shows is connecting with people, revisiting old friends and meeting new ones. If you ever see me around, please stop by to say hello, I would truly love that!!! Here is where you will find me this summer:

June 6 and 7 ~ FARM CHICKS (Spokane, WA)

Lisa and I were part of this show for the first time last year, and what a blast we had!! The caliber of the vendors there is absolutely incredible, you truly find the creme de la creme!!! We are so thrilled to be getting back this year and this time I am going for a double booth.... That means double the treasures!!

July 11 and 12 ~ PORTLAND ANTIQUES EXPO (Portland, OR)

Lisa and I started doing this show 4 years ago, it is three full days of intense selling, and we always have great fun, despite the heat! This year I will be doing it on my own, but Lisa will be there to help me!

July 18 ~ BARN HOUSE FLEA MARKET (Battle Ground, WA)

Everyone knows the BH Boys put on some mean sales...!!! This will be their second annual flea market and we are thrilled and honored to be a part of it for the first time!! We are expecting great crowds, lots of fun and yummy food!!

August 30 ~ OREGON CITY ANTIQUE FAIR (Oregon City, OR)

Oregon City closes it's Main Street on this Sunday for a wonderful street sale...!!! It's close to home and a super fun event to go to!

September 13 ~ COBURG ANTIQUE FAIR (Coburg, OR)

Lisa and I had been attending this wonderful show for the last few years and always loved it, so last year we decided to sell, and had the best time!!! People start shopping before dawn, armed with flashlights!!!!

If you have the chance to visit any of these shows, make sure to stop by and say hi, we would love to meet you...!! Otherwise, you will be able to tag along with me through my blog!!! I will be back soon with some cool makeovers...!!!

18 May 2009

Sunshine on our shoulders

What a lovely day we had yesterday!!! We took the gang (and a few extra friends) on a nature walk, and had a great time!! The kids really enjoyed themselves and I was so happy we got to spend some time together laughing and enjoying our beautiful nature...

It was a wonderful way to replenish our energy and bring a smile to our day!!

I did sneak out this weekend to look for garage sales and found a few goodies... I also found some lovely treasures at Monticello today, as I headed there to fluff up my space.

How cool is this old chippy pink annunciator?

Couldn't resist this adorable fabric covered little chest of drawers!

Love this super cute table!!! Pink legs and a perfectly chippy top!!!

... Yes... I have a thing for vintage, well-loved doll strollers!!! And this one had an irresistible price...!!!

I found a few other items, including a cool vintage bed with a curved footboard!! I will show you a before and after soon!!
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