31 May 2010

In Remembrance...

(picture taken four years ago at the Normandy American Cemetery overlooking Omaha Beach, France)

29 May 2010

My little Amelia

My daughter Rita chose to embody Amelia Earhart at her fifth grade Afternoon of Achievers... They would stand in class and wait for a parade of parents and students who would ask them questions in order to guess who they were... She did awesome, she really mastered her knowledge of Amelia and was very fluent and confident in her answers... So we had to improvise with ski goggles... Oh, well!!! And I had to cut off a camisole in order to sew her a head cover.. Minor detail!! She was a bright star yesterday and we were very proud of her!!!

26 May 2010

A few creations...

It is down to the wire, getting ready for Farm Chicks!!! I've been busy (probably not as busy as I should...) working on some projects.... It is really hard combining all I want to accomplish with the busy life that comes from raising four active children!!! Soccer practices for two of them have resumed, daughter #3 has to dress up like Amelia Earhart this friday for her Afternoon of Achievers - where do I find flying goggles...? - , as part of PAC Hospitality coordinator for our Elementary school I have to be involved with the year-end staff luncheon, all of this while planning our trip to Europe in a little over 3 weeks...!!!! Yikes!!!!

Can you say S-C-A-T-T-E-R-E-D...???

Anyway, before I show you the projects I have been working on, I wanted to show you my little treasure from Cindy's barn sale.... This darling buffet is simply adorable, isn't it? I will probably use glass knobs and this piece is ready to use!!! I haven't decided if I am keeping it or not...

Do you remember this desk I shared a few posts back?

Here is the desk, complete with a paint treatment, a burlap cover and a sweet ruffled trim... I think it turned out pretty sweet, what do you think?

This vintage laundry cart just needed a good soaking (the liner, that is), but I didn't want to stop there, so I gave the silver base a coat of blue paint to match the sweet trim. Love the result!

Even though I don't usually work with red too much, I fell in love with this linen fabric by The French General... I made a long pillow with a pompom trim, and am very happy with the result.

Finally, my sweet husband spent his weekend working on this project... Did I mention I have the sweetest husband ever...?? It is a twin headboard and footboard turned bench, and once it gets a coat of paint and a cushion, I think it will be a knockout!!!

22 May 2010

A day in the Land of Tarte

I was able to sneak out this morning (before my son's soccer game) to visit my friend Cindy at her amazing barn sale...!!! I fell hard for some of her incredible new finds, but my tight budget didn't allow me to splurge... I did come home with an adorable piece (will share on my next post!), and some pictures to keep me inspired!! I hope they will inspire you too....!!!

Cindy will be, once again, my neighbor (across the isle) at Farm Chicks, so make sure to stop by and say hi to us, we would love to see you!!

17 May 2010

Objets trouvés

I was very excited to find this old jewel on Craigslist last week.... I believe it used to be an old radio cabinet, I thought it would make a great wine bar or linen cabinet... I love the wood appliqué details, and even more that, when you open the cabinet doors, the appliqués are on the inside, too!!! I'll share the transformation soon!

I am also working on an old desk I bought for a song a while back. I will be showing the final transformation later in the week!!

Here are a few other finds...

12 May 2010

A tour of Leah's beautiful home!!

Yesterday I had the privilege of visiting my friend Leah's new home in Lake Oswego. WOW!!!! I should have worn my drool bib, that's all I can say.... After visiting this absolutely breathtakingly beautiful home, I just felt like going home, getting rid of everything and start anew.... Some of my favorite people in the whole wide world were there, and we had the most wonderful time (and some delicious food!).

Leah has the most exquisite taste, and her collections are truly lovely!!

Leah is an artist and paints the most beautiful coveted paintings, including this gorgeous cow... You may have seen some of her paintings on my previous Barn House posts...

Her collection of statues made me stop in my tracks to admire them...

Leah is also launching a new beautiful wearable collection and  we had some fun trying out her outfits
(Lara, Robin and Cindy in the boudoir...)

One of the things that struck me the most are the beautiful chandeliers and sconces Leah displays around her home...

Love this old sign in the kitchen...

Cindy getting her creative juices flowing to make an old broom tassel for the door...

(Lara, Julie, Lisa and Robin getting ready to feast...)

Sweet Natalie and her sweetie Hattie...

(how appropriate that I was wearing white that day....??!!)

I was able to snap a picture of Joe before her scolded me with his finger...

In the beautiful garden is the hidden jewel.... A darling little cottage which will become Leah's private studio...!!! It is filled with the most incredible treasures and I can't wait to see it done (I promised Leah I would come and help her get it together, it will be fun to play with all her treasures!!)

This was truly a day to remember... Leah is the most gracious hostess and a guoooooorgeous and super fun gal to hang out with... Thank you so much, Leah!!! I didn't get a good picture of her, so I borrowed this one Robin took when they were at my house... I hope that's okay, Robin!!!!

And to all my sweet friends there, it was so much fun spending time together and I can't wait to see you all again!!!! Love you all!!

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