29 July 2009

Latest vintage finds

Even though we had a busy weekend with two of our girls participating in a large soccer tournament, I found a little time to do some garage and tag sales... I was very happy with what I found!!

This darling bench will get a makeover with some paint and new fabric...

I absolutely loooove this desk!

The lady who sold this chalkboard to me said it's from the 1940's...

I was told that this old table was most likely taken from a library (the little plaque says "Property of Mult. County ~ will someone come to my door to reclaim it? Will I be arrested for buying potentially stolen property? Yikes!!!)

I bought this darling fabric from my friend Cindy, I have great plans for it!

This is a super cute little child's desk, I had to paint the drawer because it had some ugly dark green brush strokes....

This darling sheer table cover, along with some of the items below, came from the twins Diana and Donna, who were having a tag sale this weekend at Cindy's barn!

I found the next items at Monticello on some of my latest visits... I am absolutely in love with this pink birdcage!!!

My youngest daughter is modeling a vintage nightcap layered in lace ruffles...

... And I couldn't resist this old cement religious statue!

The last find I am sharing was found at Expo in the parking lot! An old fabric covered sewing stand that cost me a whopping $5!!! I love the inside, and am really toying with the idea of keeping this one and recovering the outside with a fabric more of my liking!!

27 July 2009

An exciting find!

No, this time it is not a cool vintage find (even though I do have some to share with you soon...)! I found this swedish website, BEMZ, that will custom make slipcovers for some of the most popular IKEA sofas in an enormous amount of fabric choices!! I am sure many of you have (or maybe have been pondering...) the EKTORP sofa with slipcovers, I have both the 3-seat sofa and the loveseat, and they have been a true blessing for this busy household!! The pillows get dirty, the covers get thrown in the wash! We are on our second set of covers in the last 7 years, and soon I would definitely welcome a new set!

I would love to be the adventurous kind and go for this one....

... or maybe even this one...

... But I think I am going to be a little bit more conservative and go for a more neutral choice! I asked for 5 free fabric swatches and got them in less than a week! I love them all, but am leaning towards the Unbleached Linen Belgian Linen Blend (the top one)... What do you think?

24 July 2009

Where I create ~ a blog party!

I am so excited to be a part of Karen's "Where Bloggers Create" party!!! I know some of you may already have seen a post about my little guest/sewing room, but since it's been a while and for those who are new to my blog, I thought it would be safe to post about it again! I can't wait to visit the other blogs as I know I will be tremendously inspired!!

Our downstairs guest bedroom/sewing room has seen a few different lives, but this is by far my favorite!! I gave myself carte blanche to go crazy with all my pretties... It all started with an antique handpainted french bed that Lisa spotted for me on Craigslist... It set the tone for the entire room. The room, though small, houses some of my favorite items, including my wallpapered dressers and my large collection of vintage barkcloth. Even though I do most of my cutting, stapling and gluing on the kitchen floor (am I the only one??!!), this is where I do what I love the most, sewing!! Now, I have to come clean, it doesn't always look this good ~ most often than not, the bed is covered with projects and the floor has pillow forms, bags of fabric and other stuff...!! But, for now, we'll just pretend it looks like this all the time!! Oh, the joys of virtual reality!!!

Until the time I moved to the US, my craft experience was limited to a few cross stitch projects... Shortly after the move, and faced with longs periods of time alone - my husband was on a squad rotation of six months in Japan, 12 months at home - , I found the need to occupy myself, so I found a used sewing machine at a garage sale for $10 and enrolled in a basic sewing class at the local fabric store. Having becomed intrigued with patchwork, I bought a couple of books and self taught the basics to get started. Quilting became my passion and I even taught classes for nearly 10 years...

But, slowly, I became passionate about other things, and quilting took a place in the back burner! As I started my selling business, I fell in love with using vintage and vintage reproduction fabrics to create pillows, tote bags, stools, etc. I also started using vintage wallpapers and other ephemera to create one of a kind pieces. Today, my mind wanders constantly and the ideas flow... I love to create, and the true reward is seeing someone enjoying or being inspired by my creations!! I leave you with just a small sample of some of the things I have created in the past... May the ideas never stop flowing! Just as I may inspire you, I always have and always will find inspiration in all of you... !!

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